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STEM champion wants to support young innovators in Africa 1 September 2022
Students develop mobile apps to help them with life skills 25 August 2022
Women under-represented in HE, despite growth in enrolments 31 March 2022
First-year loans help some, but many still in need of aid 3 February 2022
Report shows a drop in student numbers during COVID 9 December 2021
Hichilema’s plan to overhaul higher education sector 23 September 2021
Namibian medical students in Zambia face eviction 4 June 2021
US$5 million boost for extensive sexuality education 3 December 2020
Subsidy cuts, closures of private institutions affect students 5 November 2020
Universities to start phased reopening, but is it too soon? 22 June 2020
Government asks China for funds to complete new university 2 June 2020
Extension of student loans to private universities welcomed 18 April 2020
How I discovered the many versions of ‘home’ 12 December 2019
University increases registration fees by over 100% 7 December 2019
Government vows to maintain public universities 23 November 2019
Students protest xenophobic attacks in South Africa 5 September 2019
President pledges new scholarship for Zimbabwean students 6 July 2019
Honorary degrees for two presidents spark backlash 3 July 2019
Students act over scrapped meal allowances 21 February 2019
Student grants extended to five more public universities 11 January 2019
Student body demands minister hires competent lecturers 27 July 2018
Alcohol blamed for chaotic behaviour among students 6 July 2018
Universities urged to keep separate maintenance account 11 May 2018
Universities to host World Bank-funded research centres 4 May 2018
Threat to deregister universities not doing research 23 March 2018