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Saudi-Iran diplomacy offers hope for Yemen’s universities 7 April 2023
Minister describes serious toll of war on higher education 26 October 2022
Yemeni academics in Saudi Arabia face loss of jobs, homes 5 August 2021
Students are caught in a currency exchange trap 21 November 2020
Houthis continue to target higher education sector 11 January 2020
Ongoing war leaves scientific research crippled 23 February 2018
Houthi militia terminate dozens of Sanaa academics’ jobs 13 October 2017
Gunmen shut university faculties for mixing of sexes 9 January 2016
Saudi air attacks shut down universities 24 April 2015
Funding boost for higher education quality project 19 September 2014
No more scholarships to private Malaysian universities 21 February 2014
Strike paralyses five public universities 9 February 2013
Protests over job bar for university administrative staff 2 February 2013
Students protest for separation of education and politics 7 October 2012
YEMEN: Questions remain for Sana'a University students 4 December 2011
YEMEN: Students from Indonesia being radicalised? 20 November 2011
YEMEN: Fee waiver fails to impress students 6 March 2011
YEMEN: Student protests gather strength after deaths 27 February 2011
YEMEN: Student protests gather strength after deaths 25 February 2011
YEMEN: Sana'a campus at centre of protests 30 January 2011
YEMEN: Lecturers strike over conditions 18 April 2010
YEMEN: Talks with China on increasing scholarships 7 February 2010
YEMEN: Minister threatens to close private universities 18 October 2009
YEMEN: Licences of new private universities cancelled 26 July 2009