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Texas university president cancels student drag fundraiser 24 March 2023
Despite TikTok bans, colleges are thriving on the app 24 March 2023
Court blocks ‘Stop WOKE Act’ in Florida schools – again 18 March 2023
University librarians are divided over AI use and ethics – Survey 18 March 2023
Counselling centre heads lose jobs in restructuring drive 17 March 2023
Is DeSantis following Orbán’s playbook on universities? 15 March 2023
Upward transfer system is failing black students – Report 11 March 2023
Six fossil fuel companies donated US$700m to universities 4 March 2023
College is worth it, but students are growing sceptical 4 March 2023
White student sues Howard University for discrimination 4 March 2023
Mental health initiative targets black students’ well-being 2 March 2023
Florida students stage walkouts over DeSantis HE policies 25 February 2023
Who scrubbed ‘systemic’ from African American course plan? 25 February 2023
University apologises for email that ‘paraphrased’ ChatGPT 25 February 2023
Florida bills target ‘political loyalty tests’ in colleges 25 February 2023
Facing facts: ChatGPT can be a tool for critical thinking 24 February 2023
Beyond measure: How the humanities make us better humans 18 February 2023
Federal agents search Biden’s papers at his alma mater 17 February 2023
Three people killed at Michigan State University, gunman dead 17 February 2023
University accused of ‘colluding’ with pro-Israel group 14 February 2023
Can Canadian models help refugees in the United States? 14 February 2023
Isn’t it time to shut down the fake credentials industry? 11 February 2023
Let’s take back the HE narrative from people like DeSantis 11 February 2023
Lessons emerge from first university partnership summit 9 February 2023
DeSantis ignites ideological war against universities 7 February 2023