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UAE researchers innovate to create sustainable solutions 31 March 2023
In a first, Hebrew university launches class in UAE studies 17 March 2023
Nothing artificial about intelligence at world-first AI university 10 March 2023
Standardised university entry test is optional – Ministry 4 February 2023
Researchers in the UAE tackle water scarcity at its core 18 August 2022
Ministry monitors universities with poor evaluation rating 16 April 2022
UAEU provides free emergency medicine resources globally 7 December 2021
Schools and universities to operate at 100% capacity in 2022 21 November 2021
Admissions rise 50% at Dubai universities in wake of COVID 17 July 2021
Universities reshape admissions process as exams cancelled 13 June 2021
More universities offer provisional admissions 29 May 2021
Universities in Dubai to make September intake easier 8 May 2021
Dubai universities to grant admission on predicted grades 1 May 2021
Universities cut fees to reduce strain, attract top students 10 April 2021
Nine universities in plan to boost digital programmes 27 March 2021
Family sponsorship rule set to attract more foreign students 31 January 2021
Ministry of education revokes licences of six universities 3 October 2020
Two universities now offer masters degree in space science 26 September 2020
First higher education tie-up follows recent peace accord 20 September 2020
New initiative to support universities’ online learning 25 July 2020
Dubai schools, universities to reopen in new academic year 27 June 2020
Universities expect more local applicants amid uncertainty 6 June 2020
Universities announce fee cuts to reduce strain on families 18 April 2020
Schools, universities extend e-learning programmes to June 4 April 2020
Universities across the country go virtual 14 March 2020