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Universities remain defiant on country’s Independence Day 25 August 2023
Boosting recovery through innovation in post-war Ukraine 11 August 2023
Ukrainian scholars answer Russian aggression with science 28 July 2023
Academic partnerships are key to helping Ukraine’s HE – EUA 19 July 2023
Will Ukraine’s brains return? And what if they don’t? 20 May 2023
A year of war: Counting the psychosocial cost for students 29 March 2023
StopFake: In the trenches of Russia’s deadly information warfare 16 February 2023
Russia’s war against intellectuals is claiming more victims 14 January 2023
‘Invisible’ university revives dissident academic model 12 November 2022
Indian students return to Ukraine despite war escalating 4 November 2022
Exam fails to resolve crisis for returned medical students 15 October 2022
Call for targeted financial relief for Ukrainian research 7 October 2022
Yale lab in hunt for evidence of war crimes in Ukraine 6 October 2022
Feeling understood makes forgiveness more likely – Study 24 September 2022
Science sanctions against Russia: Time for a reappraisal? 13 September 2022
A persecuted university rises again. And it has a message 10 September 2022
Higher education can help to rebuild society after war 27 August 2022
Universities gear up for fresh academic year in times of war 24 August 2022
Crimes against the world – Russia’s attacks on universities 14 August 2022
By prioritising science, Ukraine is both richer and safer 18 July 2022
International HE cooperation ‘vital to post-war recovery’ 17 July 2022
UK universities help Ukraine ‘twins’ through and beyond war 6 July 2022
Zelenskyy asks Canadian students not to tire of the war 28 June 2022
Ukraine’s ‘sanctioning frenzy’ will bring no HE benefits 20 June 2022
To understand Ukrainian solidarity, look to the literature 18 June 2022