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Makerere to slash new humanities’ student intake by 5,000 17 March 2023
Academics condemn rule requiring lecturers to have PhDs 11 March 2023
Uganda needs a comprehensive PhD education strategy – Study 2 March 2023
Makerere University moves to reduce undergraduate numbers 28 January 2023
Government suspends study loans for continuing students 14 January 2023
Unemployment: Education expert takes universities to task 2 December 2022
Students help to propel Zimbabwe, Uganda into space 17 November 2022
Ugandan university drops pregnancy test demand amid uproar 12 November 2022
Calls to exclude rich students from HE sponsorships 3 November 2022
Government may ban the rich from university scholarships 15 October 2022
Teachers given 8 years to upgrade to a degree or quit work 8 October 2022
Uganda to host Africa’s first forensic science university 29 September 2022
MP challenges suspension of student elections in court 16 September 2022
University moves to stop residents from posing as students 11 September 2022
University proposes to allow professors to work until 80 11 September 2022
Government to introduce patriotism lessons in universities 11 September 2022
Makerere University alumni push for Rwandan branch campus 24 August 2022
Vice-chancellor asks parliament to raise student allowance 20 August 2022
Vice-chancellors propose raft of higher education reforms 14 August 2022
Hundreds of businesses face closure at Makerere University 14 July 2022
Makerere students gamble their future with loan sharks 26 June 2022
What does 100-year-old Makerere reveal about culture? 23 June 2022
Tailored mental health approach may be what HE students need 16 June 2022
Makerere vice-chancellor dismisses claims he is a dictator 8 June 2022
Scientists develop high-tech tools to tackle indoor pollution 2 June 2022