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Title Date
Scepticism over president’s olive branch to foreigners 16 March 2023
Open letter to President Kais Saied: In the name of Hannon 16 March 2023
Racial violence is driving black Sub-Saharan students home 8 March 2023
Multi-pronged approach suggested to curb exam cheating 16 February 2023
Academics protest about their poor working conditions 23 January 2023
Professors head overseas for better working conditions 15 December 2022
Academics are angry about ministry’s ‘indifference’ 30 November 2022
University graduates protest amid growing unemployment 23 September 2022
Academic community concerned over human rights violations 15 September 2022
New HE accreditation agency will need enough resources 14 July 2022
Law deans refuse to be used in ‘political showdown’ 4 June 2022
Students who fled Ukraine battling to continue their studies 2 June 2022
Arbitrary arrests of black Sub-Saharan students on the rise 24 February 2022
Students must have COVID-19 vaccination passports 8 December 2021
Academic community calls for action after knife attack 18 November 2021
Growing rift among universities over presidential power grab 15 November 2021
A female academic makes history by being appointed PM 5 October 2021
Students return to contact lessons in new academic year 21 September 2021
Tunisian student union calls for a national dialogue 5 August 2021
Simulated medical training bridges the COVID-19 divide 22 July 2021
University community boycotts examinations 5 July 2021
Faculty and other staff should be on vaccination list 19 May 2021
University community asks for a COVID tracking system 14 May 2021
Return to remote learning as COVID-19 third wave unfolds 19 April 2021
Unemployed PhDs on a hunger strike over their plight 30 March 2021