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National hospital receives 150 medical students from Sudan 24 June 2023
University leaders urged to take steps to ensure quality 10 June 2023
Project targets marine plastic pollution – and policies 30 May 2023
Implementing open science in East Africa is picking up speed 9 March 2023
Government calls for teamwork to boost women in science 14 February 2023
‘Contract cheating’ in universities is a growing threat 28 January 2023
13-year-old state-funded university still has no students 25 January 2023
Demand for higher education to double by 2030 – World Bank 29 December 2022
Tertiary institutions urged to focus on practical skills 20 November 2022
A steady climb into the rankings for Muhimbili University 20 October 2022
Limited science intake capacity killing students’ dreams 4 September 2022
As concern mounts, government says loans board here to stay 19 July 2022
Minister promotes Chinese language as bridge to opportunity 22 April 2022
Calls for new rules relating to foreign student enrolment 13 April 2022
Fresh concern over lecturer shortage in universities 23 October 2021
Providing an educational springboard for agri-entrepreneurs 21 October 2021
Self-funding does not mean students have to let go of their dreams 23 September 2021
Millions injected into Tanzanian student loan scheme 15 July 2021
World Bank project set to boost Tanzanian higher education 1 July 2021
4IR: Is your university helping you prepare for the future? 24 June 2021
Lack of quality assurance affects employment opportunities 13 May 2021
Magufuli used loan system to open tertiary access 15 April 2021
Former politicians appointed to public university posts 29 November 2020
Using WhatsApp to enhance online learning 23 April 2020
e-Learning – Time for a paradigm shift 26 March 2020