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Against hope, academics strive for global recognition of HE 18 March 2023
Medical students study German in hopes of a move abroad 17 March 2023
Universities worldwide offer support for quake response 10 February 2023
Universities mobilise resources to help quake victims 6 February 2023
University study offers way to integrate Syrian refugees 5 February 2022
Conference highlights academics’ post-conflict role 18 December 2021
Private universities’ fees reach all-time high 4 September 2021
Universities struggle to survive after a decade of war 25 April 2021
Schools, universities close over virus surge 10 April 2021
Efforts to promote education among soldiers bears fruit 31 January 2021
Prison torture survivor admitted to top US university 7 November 2020
Amid warnings, universities and schools prepare to reopen 12 September 2020
Turkish university opens facilities in Syrian opposition areas 2 November 2019
HE system left broken by conflict, academics targeted 19 June 2019
Universities in opposition-held areas face uncertain future 30 March 2019
Russia offers support to Syrian higher education 23 March 2019
Syria's academic heritage must be preserved, scholars say 1 March 2019
Universities’ crisis worsening in northern Syria 15 February 2019
Turkey needs to do more to help Syrian academics 2 November 2018
Universities eye liberated towns for new faculties 8 June 2018
Assad gives nod to Iranian Islamic university branches 20 April 2018
Culture clash – National vs international publishing 25 August 2017
Complex barriers to refugees accessing university 9 June 2017
New university brings hope to Kurdish region 19 August 2016
Supporting academics in exile nearby is key to future 20 May 2016