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Title Date
Security vs openness: Towards responsible internationalisation 22 September 2023
Shock as government axes funding for SDGs-related research 4 July 2023
European groups oppose university board membership limit 27 May 2023
Academics hit back over interference in university boards 20 May 2023
Government launches national internationalisation platform 2 May 2023
Calls for constitutional protection of academic freedom 22 April 2023
Fears persist over impact of immigration rules on academia 27 March 2023
Will a ‘hostile’ immigration climate deter global scholars? 3 February 2023
What will a shift to the right mean for higher education? 21 January 2023
University apologises to Turkish student denied internship 20 January 2023
University leaders say new passport rules may deter talent 3 November 2022
New migration policies raise concerns over foreign students 25 October 2022
Foresight 2030: A ‘big picture’ view of international HE 22 October 2022
Agency report raises concerns about student visa abuse 22 October 2022
Impact of tuition fees for international students assessed 11 October 2022
New report maps internationalisation in ‘turbulent’ future 28 September 2022
New to Swedish academia? This beginner’s guide will help 14 September 2022
Administrators are draining university resources – Study 13 September 2022
37 university leaders call on Iran to release Djalali 29 June 2022
Researcher risking Iran execution is a ‘hostage’ – Amnesty 21 May 2022
Migration law – One of many hurdles to a research career 12 May 2022
How big a problem is long temporary employment in HE? 22 April 2022
Support for European Universities expansion is qualified 12 April 2022
Lund has key Swedish role in ‘creative futures’ grant bid 2 April 2022
Ongoing protest over migration law’s effect on PhD students 18 March 2022