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Country: Sudan
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104 HE institutions burned and vandalised, says ministry 31 August 2023
In midst of civil war, some university examinations resume 16 August 2023
Hardship for academics who have gone without pay for months 15 August 2023
Medical students from war-torn Sudan arrive in Rwanda 3 August 2023
Academics call for humanitarian help in Darfur region 29 July 2023
Ministry sets up emergency committee to support HE sector 12 July 2023
Concern that war is reigniting ethnic violence in Darfur 15 June 2023
Army university strikes kill 10 DRC citizens and a student 10 June 2023
Lawyers call for war crime charges as destruction continues 6 June 2023
Reports of sexual violence emerge as fighting continues 23 May 2023
Academic community stands firm in pro-democracy efforts 16 May 2023
University exam board pledges support to Sudan returnees 12 May 2023
Universities open their doors to students who escaped Sudan 8 May 2023
Students, academics provide support to those affected by war 2 May 2023
More civilian deaths, louder calls for dialogue in Sudan 25 April 2023
Deaths of students, academics reported as conflict continues 20 April 2023
Sudan conflict: Growing concern about impact on society, HE 19 April 2023
Several deaths in the tertiary sector amid military clashes 17 April 2023
Will Sudan’s political agreement help with rebuilding HE? 21 January 2023
Academics embark on ‘indefinite’ strike over salaries 17 January 2023
University students and doctors oppose academic fees hike 14 January 2023
Will Sudan’s political agreement help with rebuilding HE? 12 January 2023
Student movements protest over rising university fees 12 January 2023
Universities should set up climate surveillance network 13 October 2022
Academics back revolutionary charter to end military rule 11 October 2022