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Public universities make a profit for every euro invested 17 June 2023
Universities partner with paradigm-shifters to boost hope 24 September 2022
Researchers help to restore ancient irrigation systems 2 July 2022
Spain plans to recruit more students from Sub-Saharan Africa 29 June 2022
Non-EU students will be able to stay on after graduation 15 June 2022
Universities, schools to reopen with face-to-face classes 8 January 2022
Ban on initiation ceremonies backed by harsh penalties 11 September 2021
Franco’s university sanctions regulations to be replaced 27 May 2021
Rapper’s words provoke police to storm university building 16 February 2021
275 layoffs as university asks staff to make videos 10 February 2021
University students behind major COVID-19 outbreaks 17 October 2020
Universities plan phased return as COVID-19 cases slow 25 April 2020
Jailed Catalan independence leader to teach at university 7 March 2020
Scholarship plan to help stem illegal graduate migration 2 October 2019
PSOE plan to offer women free first year on STEM courses 9 September 2019
Brexit uncertainty sparks unease among Erasmus students 1 March 2019
Spain to ban pseudo-therapies from universities 16 November 2018
Degree scandal puts pressure on PM and opposition leader 13 September 2018
Three Spanish-speaking countries offering crypto courses 13 July 2018
Spanish universities’ science publications up by 70% 6 July 2018
Political row stokes ‘ongoing academic corruption’ fears 19 April 2018
Spanish state takes control of Catalonian universities 3 November 2017
Students protest over education law, university fees 23 April 2016
Bologna and bust lead to a boom in doctorates 16 March 2016
Olive oil protects against breast cancer, study finds 2 October 2015