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Report calls for professional standards for TVET lecturers 23 March 2023
Student funding scheme raises 2023 living allowances by 10% 21 March 2023
Zimbabwean, Lesotho lecturers on exemption permits face axe 17 March 2023
Financial aid thief elected convocation committee treasurer 17 March 2023
Rector faces no-confidence vote over language furore 17 March 2023
Institution’s carbon reporting feeds into its work on SDGs 16 March 2023
Visa crisis is jeopardising internationalisation efforts 14 March 2023
Parliament criticises universities’ handling of protests 11 March 2023
Another campus adopts initiative that supports GBV survivors 9 March 2023
Horizon Europe: South Africa looks back and looks forward 9 March 2023
Many heads of tertiary institutions have security guards 4 March 2023
ChatGPT – Calm your inner Luddite, keep your inner sceptic 2 March 2023
Choosing performance arts pays off for student slam poet 2 March 2023
Student housing grant cap: Minister blames price gouging 25 February 2023
Leading academics believe fears over ChatGPT are misplaced 24 February 2023
Programme intends to sharpen technology transfer skills 23 February 2023
A university on its way to becoming a net-zero carbon campus 23 February 2023
Corrupted: A study of dysfunction in universities in SA 22 February 2023
UCT council offers to drop charges against VC – if she leaves 18 February 2023
Crowdfunding platforms step in to alleviate student debt 17 February 2023
Fears of exclusion as housing fund cap strands students 17 February 2023
Student leaders asked to roll out entrepreneurship programme 16 February 2023
Wrap-around support key to level education playing field 16 February 2023
Students still battling debt despite protests and promises 15 February 2023
Pass of 55% required to retain government student grants 11 February 2023