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‘Innovative’ university expands programmes, student support 31 August 2023
UCAD calm after the riots, but damage keeps it closed 22 June 2023
University archives destroyed in fire set by protesters 17 June 2023
Universities closed after violent nationwide protests 8 June 2023
Workshop about ‘LMD’ system aims to enhance quality 25 May 2023
Professor Mouhamed Fall wants mathematics to benefit humanity 16 March 2023
Dakar region’s second public university inaugurated 8 December 2022
New elite school wants young people to find employment 27 October 2022
Union excluded from pay review threatens to ‘paralyse’ HE 22 September 2022
Initiatives to promote STEM to adapt for the future 26 May 2022
Graduates protest at proposed quotas for masters access 26 August 2021
Unions, minister in war of words over state of universities 6 May 2021
Country mourns Professor Iba Der Thiam 5 November 2020
Academic union agrees to resume contact teaching 27 August 2020
Virtual University enters partnership with French institutions 25 June 2020
Dealing with a fraught present, planning for an unknown future 7 May 2020
Higher education unions air grievances against ministry 16 January 2020
Universities sign deal to publish French-language books 2 October 2019
40,000 students left in lurch as state funding ends 7 September 2019
Reform results in drop in university candidate numbers 23 August 2019
New French-Senegalese campus to help stem brain drain 14 June 2019
Row erupts between union and non-union teaching staff 5 April 2019
Union demands 150 new staff posts at leading university 22 February 2019
University head seeks calm eight months after student death 25 January 2019
Protests against closure of masters cinema course 14 December 2018