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Under new vision, talent becomes a shared responsibility 13 May 2023
Academics welcome new national university ranking system 31 March 2023
Deals to be signed to introduce yoga in major universities 4 March 2023
New visas send welcoming message to the world’s top talent 29 October 2022
Draft law for foreign campuses ‘constrains autonomy’ 9 September 2022
A careful approach to allowing foreign branch campuses 3 September 2022
PhD student sentenced to 34 years in prison for tweets 19 August 2022
University council links enrolments to labour market needs 14 August 2022
New powers for universities to improve education outcomes 9 August 2022
40 colleges to become applied colleges to meet labour needs 28 July 2022
English language programmes to be offered at universities 15 March 2022
Yemeni academics in Saudi Arabia face loss of jobs, homes 5 August 2021
Graduation ceremonies to resume in Saudi universities 20 June 2021
Schools, universities to resume in-person teaching 29 May 2021
Students, staff to be vaccinated before new academic year 18 April 2021
Universities to open COVID-19 vaccination centres 6 March 2021
Plan to attract foreign universities in the pipeline 20 February 2021
New university system is a first step towards better research 31 July 2020
Three universities to enjoy autonomy under universities law 18 July 2020
Universities to open art, theatre and film departments 21 June 2020
Universities push to recruit women faculty 11 April 2020
Several schools, universities start teaching Chinese 24 January 2020
Government to allow foreign branch campuses 2 November 2019
Thousands of Saudi students defy order to leave Canada 25 May 2019
Despite Khashoggi murder, MIT to accept Saudi funds 15 February 2019