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From principle to practice: Magna Charta proves its worth 9 September 2023
Thousands of Ukrainian students find peace in Poland 26 November 2022
University classes to go online as energy crisis deepens 10 October 2022
Academics say university evaluation was driven by politics 27 August 2022
Medical university forges links with Ukraine counterparts 4 June 2022
Students protest university’s sexual harassment ‘hush up’ 29 March 2022
Polish universities rally to support Ukrainian refugees 11 March 2022
Ambitious universities are testing a federation model 4 September 2021
Deputy minister says universities have ‘leftist vision’ 13 June 2021
Allow conservative voices at universities, minister says 25 April 2021
International students raise alarm over exam allegations 13 March 2021
Minister to introduce laws protecting free speech at universities 21 November 2020
Minister threatens universities over pro-abortion protests 7 November 2020
Number of foreign students falls due to pandemic 24 October 2020
Optimism for new era of excellence for Polish universities 3 October 2020
Universities fear drop in foreign student numbers 21 June 2020
Minister promises law to stop ‘censorship’ at universities 24 January 2020
Stimulating a competitive era for Poland’s universities? 2 November 2019
New policies aim to boost research, innovation system 31 August 2019
Academy of sciences under pressure to ‘reform and transform’ 16 March 2019
Transforming Polish research via strategic partnerships 8 March 2019
The quest to promote quality over mediocrity in HE 1 March 2019
Polish law gives universities more power in R&D push 23 November 2018
Protests against new higher education reforms 15 June 2018
Experts call for radical changes in higher education 22 September 2017