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Palestinian authority accused of cracking down on students 23 May 2023
Universities are building bridges in form of online course 17 February 2023
Gaza universities close doors amid deadly Israeli strikes 9 August 2022
Gaza university receives grant to restore Sufi building 8 July 2022
Hamas calls for global boycott of Israeli universities 8 July 2022
Outrage over Hamas arrest of university president in Gaza 2 July 2022
Hamas calls for global boycott of Israeli universities 26 June 2022
Hamas student election win may be sign of public opinion 21 May 2022
Israeli restrictions on Palestinian universities draw rebukes 13 May 2022
Palestine joins recognition of qualifications convention 29 April 2022
Navigating research in a fragmented, turbulent context 18 December 2021
Fury as violence in universities spikes 11 December 2021
Dispute over keffiyeh spills over to Gaza university 2 October 2021
‘Legitimate criticism of Israel is completely acceptable’ 19 June 2021
Leading UK universities ‘may have breached IHRA guidelines’ 4 June 2021
Egypt exempts Gaza students from university tuition fees 29 May 2021
Educational institutions are victims of conflict, again 22 May 2021
Academics join call to allow Gazans to exit Strip for study 23 January 2021
Professors call for action over Zoom ‘censorship’ of event 31 October 2020
Gaza’s university students drop out at an accelerating rate 10 October 2020
Brain drain versus motivation drain in Gaza 1 February 2020
US envoy helps open new medical school in settlement 2 November 2019
Israel 'blocks international academics' in West Bank, Gaza 11 July 2019
Egypt’s dominant influence is stifling HE reform in Gaza 25 May 2019
Uncertainty over future of Palestinian lecturers 27 July 2018