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HE body says universities need permission to work with UN 6 September 2023
Protest at University of Hull over Imran Khan judge visit 12 August 2023
Calls for judicial probe into university sex, drug scandal 7 August 2023
Commission resumes ranking universities to foster quality 5 August 2023
Alleged university scandals are an excuse to keep women out 5 August 2023
Anger erupts over passage of bills for 26 new universities 3 August 2023
Vice-chancellors resolve to promote peace on campuses 29 July 2023
Two leading Kashmir universities drop local writers’ work 29 July 2023
Abandoned academia: Universities crumble without leaders 29 July 2023
Tough penalties for violating new graduate education rules 27 July 2023
University moves to discipline students celebrating Holi 22 July 2023
Universities fear change in HEC law undermines autonomy 14 July 2023
Prime minister gets control of Higher Education Commission 8 July 2023
Chief minister disqualified over fake university degree 8 July 2023
National Assembly rejects Holi ban as unconstitutional 24 June 2023
Professors of universities excluded from salary increases 17 June 2023
University drops Muslim poet from political science syllabus 1 June 2023
Task force to review HE pay scales to retain top talent 20 May 2023
Academics call for increased budget for public universities 17 May 2023
Former PM arrested, released in university corruption case 11 May 2023
Private Pakistan university expands its African operations 5 May 2023
Academics oppose bills aimed at undermining HE regulator 28 April 2023
New study examines why graduates face high unemployment 12 April 2023
PM forms panel to curb Higher Education Commission powers 12 April 2023
Race to publish: Academics are forced to resort to ‘tricks’ 18 March 2023