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Universities criticise Sub-Saharan scholarships plan 3 November 2023
Concerns for basic research in proposed budget for 2024 17 October 2023
China is Norway’s biggest tech research partner – Report 30 August 2023
Internationalisation guidelines: Bonus or burden for HE? 24 August 2023
Student gender change sparks debate on admission policies 16 August 2023
Norway’s academics keen to build on ties with Latin America 11 August 2023
Universities invest in a future generation of AI experts 8 August 2023
Minister of higher education resigns over ethical breaches 25 July 2023
Fears for global academic cooperation as call shelved 19 July 2023
Twice as many young women as men complete higher education 20 June 2023
Parliament votes to end free tuition for non-EU students 9 June 2023
Foreign student tuition fee plan: How will the votes go? 5 June 2023
High Seas Treaty: A unique opportunity for ocean science 1 April 2023
Universities struggle to implement new tuition fee ruling 21 March 2023
Academics say ‘total makeover’ plan will damage HE sector 24 February 2023
Universities uncertain in the face of impending fee regime 26 January 2023
Public hearing shows poor support for non-EU tuition fees 14 December 2022
Climate researchers are silenced by harassment – Survey 10 December 2022
Ten rectors ask parliament to delay tuition fee decision 25 November 2022
Fee plan may deter up to 80% of non-EU students – Survey 12 November 2022
Opposition mounts over government’s non-EU student fee plan 28 October 2022
Researcher arrested on suspicion of being a Russian spy 26 October 2022
One in three students report having mental health issues 15 October 2022
Non-EU student tuition fee debate enters another round 15 October 2022
Professor in lengthy trial over Iranian scientists’ visits 14 September 2022