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Government increases ‘study abroad levy’ on outbound students 5 July 2023
Ministry restores skills study abroad permit – with proviso 2 May 2023
Declining student numbers prompts call for college mergers 25 April 2023
Rule aims to limit students seeking skills training abroad 20 April 2023
Report wants to halt new universities, focus on quality 8 March 2023
Hopes for university reforms as younger blood enters parliament 8 January 2023
SDGs: A reality or mirage for struggling universities? 17 December 2022
Government universities reject two-day weekend decision 25 May 2022
Students protest against university holding in-person exams 21 August 2021
Concerns raised over growing number of universities 7 August 2021
World Bank approves US$60 million to boost higher education 19 June 2021
University’s critical role in coronavirus testing in remote areas 8 May 2020
Universities, schools offer premises as quarantine facilities 28 March 2020
Ministry issues ban on study abroad for diploma, languages 14 June 2019
As study abroad numbers rise, Nepali students land in trouble 1 March 2019
Lifeline handed to students left in the lurch by UT Tyler 25 May 2018
International students left in lurch by US university 2 May 2018
University still in ruins three years after earthquake 25 April 2018
First student union election in eight years expected 8 February 2017
Quake-hit university seeks foreign donors to rebuild 17 February 2016
Border blockade affects universities, research 22 January 2016
Three new universities as country becomes a federal republic 17 September 2015
Devastated university takes self-help route to reconstruction 21 May 2015
Earthquake aftershocks extend university closures 13 May 2015
Earthquake destroys university and school buildings 29 April 2015