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Junta arrests family members to pressure student dissidents 28 September 2023
Military raid on union office kills three student leaders 1 August 2023
Teachers, students suffer opposing the military regime 10 July 2023
Resistance fighters defer studies, focus on regime change 23 May 2023
Enrolment in state-run universities down ‘70%’ since coup 26 April 2023
Shock as seven student protesters sentenced to death 6 December 2022
Student activists remain in jail despite amnesty – Unions 23 November 2022
UWN contributor sentenced to three years’ prison 9 October 2022
Junta extends student prison terms as a ‘weapon’ of power 6 October 2022
Students and teachers need help to defy an inhumane regime 30 April 2022
Universities, professors and students still under attack 28 January 2022
Higher education sector under systemic attack since coup 10 December 2021
Students released from prison, some report being tortured 22 October 2021
Students face an uncertain future of fleeing or fighting 24 July 2021
Exiled government establishes alternative HE programmes 24 July 2021
University is COVID-19 hotspot in Myanmar third wave 2 July 2021
Junta suspends thousands of academics, university staff 14 May 2021
Military re-opens universities but few students attend 7 May 2021
Junta announces a return to classes – but not normality 23 April 2021
Students join armed groups to fight military crackdown 8 April 2021
When teaching and learning turn into a political act 29 March 2021
Student protesters released, but many remain behind bars 25 March 2021
Military invades campuses, student leaders tortured 18 March 2021
Students, protesters undaunted despite deaths in crackdown 5 March 2021
Military installs new education minister as uprising grows 19 February 2021