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Title Date
Plans afoot to include Tamazight as language of learning 19 September 2023
Student organisations mobilise to help earthquake victims 11 September 2023
PhD graduates hospitalised in hunger strike over jobs 22 August 2023
High hopes that new law will keep research professors in HE 29 June 2023
Education initiative aims to counter student radicalisation 18 May 2023
New academy will work to advance the scientific Francophonie 30 March 2023
Police violence against students on campus sparks outrage 23 March 2023
Boosting value education to halt trust decline – Report 23 February 2023
Non-academic staffers strike over working conditions 23 February 2023
More training needed to combat predatory publishing 9 February 2023
Relieved students return to China as COVID policies end 25 January 2023
80% of PhD holders dissatisfied with recruitment process 8 December 2022
Professors stop work following students’ threats, attacks 18 November 2022
Survey exposes lack of trust in HE recruitment processes 9 November 2022
University inaugurates campus synagogue next to mosque 5 November 2022
Exam fails to resolve crisis for returned medical students 15 October 2022
Ministry to recruit 2,350 HE teachers for upcoming year 23 September 2022
PhD candidates need proof of English and French mastery 23 September 2022
Nearly half of respondents in study admit to plagiarism 19 September 2022
Government plans to employ 200 expatriate researchers 4 September 2022
Two universities launch first student exchange programme 4 September 2022
Government decree makes university education more flexible 27 August 2022
Anger over alleged cheating in medical entrance exam 5 August 2022
Parents reject ministry’s plan for war-affected students 30 June 2022
University community slams partnership with Israel 22 June 2022