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New science university to be established in Mauritania 28 November 2023
Diaspora e-platform to build bridges between researchers 2 November 2023
Protest over lack of transparency in scholarships process 15 August 2023
Innovation observatory to help build scientific system 2 February 2023
Age of retirement goes up to 68 to overcome faculty shortage 25 August 2022
New commerce university to focus on digital economy 18 August 2022
Development of university strategy ‘a major step forward’ 24 February 2022
Mauritania unveils research and innovation strategy 13 January 2022
Poor baccalaureate results a blow to enrolment rate 2 September 2021
Students call on new female minister to tackle problems 3 June 2021
Government says losing academic time is worse than COVID 12 January 2021
Angry students claim favouritism determines placements 9 December 2020
The new University of Tidjikja a welcome expansion 29 October 2020
Students studying in Morocco seek urgent return to sit exams 2 September 2020
Students say ‘cautious’ reopening is a unilateral decision 18 June 2020
Unions appeal for borders to be opened to returning students 6 April 2020
University age limit lifted after student protest action 11 November 2019
National research network – A ‘good step on a rocky road’ 2 October 2019
New university for graduates of traditional Islamic schools 6 March 2019
Students arrested in protests over university age limit 17 October 2018
Protests as government shuts down Islamic HE institutions 2 October 2018
Students unite to raise concerns about HE quality 21 March 2018
Students protest against new scholarship conditions 6 February 2018
New diaspora portal aims to turn brain drain into gain 16 June 2017
Students demand more masters programmes 3 March 2017