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President pardons two inmates to pursue qualifications 21 September 2023
HE demand mounts, but new university build languishes 14 September 2023
EU project aims for climate-smart agribusiness graduates 7 September 2023
University closes after students protest five-month holiday 5 November 2022
Jobless graduate burns her certificate, posts video online 26 October 2022
Government crackdown on unregistered private institutions 29 September 2022
Students threaten to protest lack of stable power supply 21 September 2022
Two arrested over theft of millions meant for student loans 8 July 2022
Students pen letter in protest against five-month holiday 6 May 2022
Regulator blocks accreditation of ‘sub-standard’ programmes 21 April 2022
Regulator’s ability to ensure quality in sector questioned 13 January 2022
Concern over student calls for witchdoctor to help stop theft 11 December 2021
Youngest medical student in Africa’s heart set on cardiology 28 October 2021
Government geared to protect girls in universities 9 October 2021
Malawi’s president honoured for higher education policies 24 June 2021
Curriculum changes could help to fight hunger in Africa 27 May 2021
University of Malawi delinking finally accomplished 4 May 2021
Delinked universities to start operating from 4 May 18 April 2021
Online and distance centres advance tertiary access 18 March 2021
Government orders university council to delink colleges 20 February 2021
Council sparks controversy by halting college spin-off 16 February 2021
Government closes campuses amid COVID’s second wave 22 January 2021
Living alone in a foreign country during a pandemic 10 December 2020
Your degrees could cost you when you decide to divorce 22 October 2020
Lecturers, students welcome phased reopening of universities 9 September 2020