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Students get grant arrears, teachers want government action 3 August 2023
Minister promises grants will be paid – five months late 13 April 2023
Students demand grant payments, safe living conditions 30 March 2023
Hazing, university sporting and cultural events banned 2 March 2023
Call for action to fight corruption in higher education 9 February 2023
Student chooses rat infestation on campus as study topic 24 November 2022
New students turn to private sector because of public delays 25 August 2022
Union calls off strike over university autonomy reform 23 June 2022
Disruption due to union strike growing at Antananarivo 9 June 2022
Union challenges court’s rejection of autonomy proposal 12 May 2022
Ongoing protests over non-payment of salaries and grants 21 October 2021
Student shot dead in protest over non-payment of grants 23 June 2021
Deaths of professors threaten quality of education 3 June 2021
Computerised universities’ records reveal fraud 25 March 2021
Universities disrupted by protests and strike action 11 March 2021
Student shot dead by police during demonstration 23 February 2021
Student research lifts veil on student prostitution 25 July 2019
Ministry to seek solutions to students’ grievances 6 March 2019
Ministry to evict illegal residents in student housing 24 August 2018
Students warned to avoid unauthorised institutions 26 August 2016
New research plans respond to nation’s needs 26 August 2016
Students protest against illegal buildings on campus 15 April 2016
Race to finish university year as lecturer strike ends 25 September 2015
Student beaten by police during protest against strike 11 September 2015
Unpaid grants hardship for students in China, Morocco 28 August 2015