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Digital transformation plan launched, but in need of funding 23 March 2023
Project helps to develop education for youth entrepreneurs 12 January 2023
Libyan universities should advance democracy education 27 September 2022
Universities to get media offices as part of new plan 3 March 2022
Libyan teaching assistants protest over low salaries 14 December 2021
Professors may finally get raises under new agreement 21 November 2021
Universities out of date in what and how they teach 20 November 2021
‘Shops selling degrees’ no longer tolerated, says minister 25 October 2021
Minister gives private universities 30 days to ‘fix’ their situation 23 October 2021
Reasons for private universities’ high ranking questioned 18 October 2021
Ministry announces mandatory COVID jabs for universities 6 October 2021
Higher education minister has high aims but scant funds 4 September 2021
Pandemic evaluation system for universities established 2 September 2021
Academics want research capacity to boost economic growth 19 August 2021
Suspension of all classes is ‘not the right approach’ 20 July 2021
New vision for Libyan private higher education unveiled 3 July 2021
Stolen asset recovery: What can universities do? 24 June 2021
Libya’s universities face renaissance if new peace can hold 20 May 2021
University community rejects suspension of classes 1 February 2021
Academics demand better pay and improved benefits 28 January 2021
Local rankings to bolster university quality 14 November 2020
Ministry launches national university rankings 17 September 2020
Accreditation measures to improve medical training quality 17 September 2020
Separate higher education ministry plan splits opinion 21 November 2019
Mixed response to merger of private and public universities 31 October 2019