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Cyprus chosen to host American University of Beirut campus 20 June 2023
Minister unveils five-year plan to reform higher education 27 January 2023
Diversity teaching could help to improve refugees’ lives 23 July 2022
Dollarization of university fees worsens students' lives 14 July 2022
Universities expand overseas to overcome economic crisis 25 May 2022
Lebanese students in limbo after fleeing war in Ukraine 6 May 2022
Students struggle as crisis cripples university sector 15 January 2022
University sector faces serious losses, experts say 13 November 2021
Setback for independents in university elections 16 October 2021
Universities are fighting to survive financial meltdown 8 September 2021
Students sue two universities over tuition hike 15 August 2021
Syrian refugees at risk of becoming a lost generation 10 July 2021
Minister lets eight universities buy Pfizer vaccines 25 April 2021
Students backed to tackle domestic worker exploitation 31 January 2021
Citing crisis, top university hikes tuition by 160% 12 December 2020
Lebanese students to pay same registration fees as locals 7 November 2020
Prime minister sues American University of Beirut for US$1m 11 July 2020
Universities need to heed social unrest and help students 4 April 2020
Universities and schools resume classes after mass protests 2 November 2019
Students in protests refuse to return to class 26 October 2019
Fewer Syrians in Lebanon are reaching universities 19 October 2019
Could refugee education in Lebanon provide a model for all? 31 August 2019
Four universities investigated for selling fake degrees 13 April 2019
Ministry fines universities in fake-degrees scandal 12 October 2018
Crisis of displaced Syrian students out of university 20 June 2014