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Universities eye opportunities in trilateral submarine plan 25 March 2023
Universities racing to tap into ‘huge’ India for students 17 March 2023
Academics speak out about impact of outsourced courses 17 March 2023
University tells libraries to remove rainbow flag displays 17 March 2023
‘Long association’ leads to India’s first foreign campus 14 March 2023
Urgent calls to end compulsory unpaid student internships 11 March 2023
The ‘D-Day’ rules putting international students at risk 11 March 2023
Rise in universities’ use of for-profit course providers 11 March 2023
Chinese students scramble to secure housing in Australia 4 March 2023
Review paves way for PM to reduce fees for arts degrees 2 March 2023
Systemic wage theft is endemic at universities – Union 28 February 2023
Review to probe how university system fails poor students 25 February 2023
In new deal, universities could open campuses in India 25 February 2023
New centre aims to be Indigenous higher education leader 22 February 2023
How to boost the employability outcomes of Chinese students? 18 February 2023
Government backs changes to Confucius institute agreements 17 February 2023
Universities split on adoption of antisemitism definition 12 February 2023
China return adds pressure to Australia’s ‘tight’ housing 12 February 2023
Melbourne university first to adopt antisemitism definition 28 January 2023
Early-career researchers are miserable at work – Survey 25 January 2023
Universities call for international student transfer limits 25 January 2023
Universities to delay early offers – but concerns remain 14 January 2023
Universities report high demand from international students 14 January 2023
University staff given option to work on national holiday 11 January 2023
Universities redesign tests due to ‘emergent technology’ 11 January 2023