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Moderna signs mRNA access deals with Korean universities 17 September 2023
South Korea’s answer to Minerva University: The Taejae experiment 16 September 2023
Government cuts R&D budget, scientific community stunned 13 September 2023
R&D budget boost for foreign scientists in joint projects 31 August 2023
New plan aims at 31% rise in international students by 2027 18 August 2023
Universities slow to give refunds to students unable to study 12 August 2023
Ministry recommends dismissal of energy institute chief 29 July 2023
Korean universities unite against QS ranking changes 4 July 2023
Visa changes part of plan to attract international students 30 June 2023
Branch campuses offer a chance to spice up the HE landscape 17 June 2023
Universities that don’t innovate must close – President 17 June 2023
Record influx of foreign students in post-pandemic rebound 2 June 2023
Rural universities fail to attract big stars for festivals 27 May 2023
As student numbers drop, experts mull university closures 26 May 2023
South Korea in formal talks on Horizon Europe association 26 May 2023
Provincial universities rely heavily on foreign students 5 May 2023
Space, the government’s new high-tech research frontier 3 May 2023
University grade conversions create a storm of discontent 22 April 2023
Alarm at over-concentration of talent at medical schools 15 April 2023
Student transfers from universities to colleges are rising 29 March 2023
Government ups investment in semiconductor training 23 March 2023
Regional universities stand empty as student numbers fall 18 March 2023
Seven local governments to gain control over their universities 11 March 2023
Pressure grows for bullying records to inform HE admissions 10 March 2023
Government unveils regional plan to create ‘glocal’ universities 15 February 2023