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Medical universities told to make drugs to cover shortage 11 September 2022
University chief replaced by new government official 26 June 2021
Concerns over false claims of links to German universities 4 June 2021
Medical students under fire for ‘anti-socialist activity’ 29 November 2020
Some schools, universities reopen amid coronavirus outbreak 25 April 2020
Government again extends vacation for all universities, schools 21 March 2020
Universities open new majors focusing on science, technology 7 September 2019
Exchange deal gives rare chance to North Korean physicists 30 March 2019
North Korean, Russian universities agree exchanges 2 November 2018
North Korean, German universities sign exchange agreement 5 October 2018
US professors released from North Korean detention 9 May 2018
US academics not exempted from travel ban to Pyongyang 7 February 2018
University recruits non-US staff in wake of travel ban 27 October 2017
PUST stays open, but British Council suspends teaching 7 September 2017
US travel ban will hit teaching at private university 4 August 2017
Released student’s family adjusts to a different reality 16 June 2017
University calm after two foreign academics detained 9 May 2017
University confirms US citizen detained amid tension 28 April 2017
Private university asks Texas A&M for help to grow food 3 February 2017
Some advice on how to become a world-class university 21 October 2016
N Korean leader says university must be ‘world class’ 7 October 2016
Sanctions affect a private university 4 June 2016
Nobel laureates meet students at Pyongyang universities 14 May 2016
US university student sentenced to 15 years’ hard labour 19 March 2016
US university student detained for 'hostile act' 30 January 2016