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140,000 students miss out on state loans as money runs out 24 March 2023
HE as a public good: Kenya’s financing conundrum 23 March 2023
Young researcher aims to produce cough syrup from snail slime 23 March 2023
Business of forged credentials hurts honest graduates 23 March 2023
Government is yet to decide on university fee increase 17 March 2023
3,000 law graduates stranded and denied career dreams 17 March 2023
Private universities support student funding formula shift 11 March 2023
Universities Fund to meet leaders over financial crisis 17 February 2023
Unions oppose state plan to privatise public universities 12 February 2023
Don fought tirelessly for fair use of Kenya’s education taxes 31 January 2023
Are the 2022 results positive, negative or plain cheating? 30 January 2023
Technical colleges revoke admissions for business courses 20 January 2023
Universities to feel the impact of Ruto’s reform efforts 8 January 2023
University head, council sentenced for contempt of court 17 December 2022
Postgraduate enrolment jumps 20% as firms resume hiring 10 December 2022
Student leaders often targeted in ‘rife’ online violence 8 December 2022
Another salvo in cash-strapped state universities’ debt crisis 24 November 2022
Vice-chancellor criticises school-leaving exam grading 18 November 2022
Bid to merge university funding bodies meets opposition 15 November 2022
Lecturers urge president to help cash-strapped universities 11 November 2022
Universities seek World Bank bailout on biting cash crunch 5 November 2022
University reinstates leader sacked over state land tussle 5 November 2022
As university shutdowns loom, students face funding cuts 2 November 2022
Cash-strapped universities urged to mobilise own resources 1 November 2022
Ruto set to unveil Open University with affordable courses 23 October 2022