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House committee rejects new regulations for universities 19 September 2023
Researchers pool skills to design ‘green’ sanitary products 7 September 2023
TVETs repositioned to bring about socio-economic change 31 August 2023
New funding formula: Rogue universities put on notice 18 August 2023
New centre to focus on agriculture crises through research 17 August 2023
Far-reaching reforms in university sector take shape 17 August 2023
9,000 students choose to study in private universities 5 August 2023
Kenya launches portal as new funding model goes live 3 August 2023
Expert student gamers put esports on the map at MKU 20 June 2023
Executive degrees: the next warfront for universities? 3 June 2023
Rift Valley Institute at the forefront of pursuing SDGs 30 May 2023
Private universities say they welcome new HE funding model 20 May 2023
Parliament revives plan to lighten student loan debt load 9 May 2023
New funding model places greater burden on the financially able 4 May 2023
State to unveil new funding model for higher education 29 April 2023
Private universities claim unfairness in student placements 29 April 2023
‘Technology is an essential component of gender equity’ 20 April 2023
Students left frustrated by uneven harmonisation process 13 April 2023
TVET council re-established to drive graduate employability 13 April 2023
Mentorship model for bioinformatics students bears fruit 13 April 2023
East African universities struggle for shrinking funds 7 April 2023
Funding crisis: Government, HE leaders still without a plan 30 March 2023
140,000 students miss out on state loans as money runs out 24 March 2023
HE as a public good: Kenya’s financing conundrum 23 March 2023
Young researcher aims to produce cough syrup from snail slime 23 March 2023