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Call to deepen universities’ role in peace and security 20 March 2023
Towards zero-carbon agriculture through ‘healthy farming’ 18 March 2023
Students prefer faster pace in online lectures – Survey 2 March 2023
Universities take drastic action to cover electricity costs 25 February 2023
Panel calls for temporary Tokyo university enrolment hikes 17 February 2023
Ministry ramps up bid to close gender gap among academics 31 January 2023
Cross-border programme nurtures global SDG leadership 21 January 2023
Universities brace for more cuts as defence spending rises 21 January 2023
University cheer squads make an unusual bid for survival 14 January 2023
Over 15% of firms plan to hire more graduates in 2024 11 January 2023
Collaboration on early detection could foil next pandemic 10 December 2022
Researchers seek approval for first uterus transplant 2 December 2022
Beauty over brains: Japan’s skin-deep university pageants 2 December 2022
Universities face lawsuits from job-insecure researchers 24 November 2022
University reforms tap post-pandemic shifts in attitudes 9 November 2022
Court rejects COVID-linked demand for tuition fees refund 23 October 2022
Will Japan be able to lure international students back? 8 October 2022
Stronger HE networks a focus of Japan’s US$30 billion package 8 September 2022
Smart agriculture research centre can help to pool resources 8 September 2022
Returned foreign students bring energy back to campuses 4 September 2022
Thousands of scientists’ jobs at risk as law deadline looms 21 July 2022
As borders reopen, ministry resets foreign student target 29 June 2022
‘Zero Hunger’ SDG: How this university became a leader 29 June 2022
University clubs struggle as COVID restricts recruitment 8 June 2022
Female medical students win compensation over access bias 26 May 2022