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Senate encourages students to protest judicial overhaul 24 March 2023
In a first, Hebrew university launches class in UAE studies 17 March 2023
Scientific research eroding due to lack of funds – Report 4 March 2023
AU declaration on Israel’s observer status draws support 28 February 2023
University students and faculty protest judicial overhaul 11 February 2023
Israeli universities issue warning over judicial overhaul 25 January 2023
More universities object to discriminatory legislation 29 December 2022
Arab student event cancelled after key activities banned 10 December 2022
Two universities launch first student exchange programme 4 September 2022
Gaza universities close doors amid deadly Israeli strikes 9 August 2022
Hamas calls for global boycott of Israeli universities 8 July 2022
Hamas calls for global boycott of Israeli universities 26 June 2022
Ariel University accepted into key education organisation 24 June 2022
University community slams partnership with Israel 22 June 2022
New bill will outlaw the Palestinian flag at universities 3 June 2022
Ministers of science and technology sign collaboration deal 28 May 2022
University students hold flag-waving pro-Palestinian rally 25 May 2022
Israeli restrictions on Palestinian universities draw rebukes 13 May 2022
Universities to offer incentives to returning academics 16 April 2022
Ben-Gurion University uncovers ‘modesty patrol’ cell 29 March 2022
Middle East scholars sign resolution endorsing Israeli boycott 26 March 2022
Israel joins EU’s flagship R&D programme 11 December 2021
Students call for end to pacts with Israeli institutions 5 October 2021
Scepticism over degrees held by many top police officers 25 September 2021
Universities sign collaboration agreement 28 August 2021