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New clampdown on students amid protests over ‘poisonings’ 15 March 2023
Tehran students protest closure of dormitories and classes 4 March 2023
Ministry bans university entry of Afghan migrant students 25 February 2023
Students sentenced, academics dismissed over unrest 19 January 2023
Students sent home as air pollution reaches danger levels 29 December 2022
Hundreds of food poisonings in universities raise alarm 10 December 2022
Students embark on three-day strike at several universities 10 December 2022
President delivers university speech to vetted audience 10 December 2022
Students barred from campuses as state steps up crackdown 17 November 2022
Fresh protests erupt in universities and Kurdish region 8 November 2022
Violation of campuses: Rights group calls for global action 3 November 2022
Campus canteens become focus of anti-government protests 27 October 2022
Mass arrests inflame student anger as protests continue 13 October 2022
World leaders express concern over university crackdown 4 October 2022
Students call for boycotts, strikes amid ongoing protests 28 September 2022
Campuses erupt over death of woman held for ‘loose hijab’ 22 September 2022
Morality official defends university gender segregation 4 September 2022
Professors fired for dancing at graduation celebrations 14 July 2022
Concerns over leaked papers in university entrance exams 8 July 2022
37 university leaders call on Iran to release Djalali 29 June 2022
Researcher risking Iran execution is a ‘hostage’ – Amnesty 21 May 2022
Tehran students protest tightened dress code restrictions 26 April 2022
Universities should be government’s think tank – President 22 April 2022
Universities reopen two years after COVID-19 closures 6 April 2022
Reforms are needed to avoid producing impaired PhD holders 16 March 2022