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Anger as India invites Taliban to put officials on course 22 March 2023
Tamil Nadu plans uniform university salary, fee structures 21 March 2023
‘Long association’ leads to India’s first foreign campus 14 March 2023
Community radio: A case of knowledge democracy in action 4 March 2023
In new deal, universities could open campuses in India 25 February 2023
Court upholds protesting students’ rights to dissent 10 February 2023
More time for comments on foreign university campus issue 4 February 2023
Campuses seething over government Modi documentary ‘ban’ 2 February 2023
Students arrested over banned Modi documentary screening 26 January 2023
Scheduled caste student’s fees to be reimbursed – Court 25 January 2023
Mumbai state plans to regulate private universities’ fees 20 January 2023
Minister extends menstrual leave to all state universities 20 January 2023
The year begins with renewed focus on community engagement 9 January 2023
Universities urged to adopt common test at graduate level 8 January 2023
Foreign branch campuses: Draft regulations are unveiled 6 January 2023
Kerala passes bill to remove state governor as chancellor 17 December 2022
Elite private universities are shaking up the HE sector 3 December 2022
Students have a key role in all universities’ SDG efforts 3 December 2022
Student unrest escalates at flagship regional university 2 December 2022
Ministry sets ‘One Nation, One Subscription’ deal deadline 25 November 2022
Universities plan to embed smart chips into certificates 22 November 2022
How co-creation with local communities can drive change 19 November 2022
Universities asked to engage ‘professors of practice’ 18 November 2022
Regulator scraps publication requirement for PhD hopefuls 17 November 2022
Kerala approves ordinance to remove governor as chancellor 11 November 2022