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Student View
United we stand – Student resistance to Donald Trump
United States universities should support students in resisting the Donald Trump administration’s policies. Democracy is not a spectator sport.
Students need to work before studying abroad
Study abroad works better when students are properly prepared, do their reading and understand a little about the complexities of where they are going.
The barriers to global exchange
Why are Bulgarian students reluctant to take part in study abroad programmes? Lack of available information on the options is one big reason.
#LanguagePolicy – Some languages more equal than others
The distinction between race and language in South Africa is a fine one, and given historical racial politics the line is blurred in many places. Student protests against the use of Afrikaans as a medium of instruction in universities have sparked racial tension that cannot be categorised as strictly ‘black’ or ‘white’.
#FeesMustFall – Demanding an affordable Bill of Rights
Protesting students achieved a 0% rise in tuition fees for next year. There are unresolved questions for the future but solidarity was able to secure our present. And we know we can be a ‘rainbow nation’ whose colours don’t only run parallel, but intersect to create a better country.
On becoming a global manager
I have created a global managers training resource which takes a broad approach encompassing cultural issues and thinks a bit outside the box about what the new world of work needs.
An international student’s open letter to Hong Kong
Born in Mainland China, a citizen of Hong Kong and now a PhD student in Britain, fundamentally I am an outsider. Perhaps I can see the big picture. As tension rises in Hong Kong between the Umbrella Movement and the government, it is time for writing.
Study abroad – To change the world, know the world
Studying abroad in Italy as part of a programme for first generation prospective university students gave Jalessa Caples a new perspective on her own country and culture and a greater confidence in herself.
Why tuition fees for foreign students won’t work
There are two main arguments for charging international students in Finland tuition fees, but both are based on fallacies. Indeed, charging fees may prove more costly than offering tuition-free education.
Higher education is about more than jobs
The consultation on the European Area of Skills and Qualifications has highlighted concerns about the creation of parallel structures and an instrumentalist approach which views higher education as merely about the economy.
Implications for HE of the immigration referendum
In February Swiss voters approved plans to restrict immigration. This put on hold European programmes like Erasmus+ and Horizon 2020, restricting Swiss students' ability to study abroad and other European students' ability to study in Switzerland.
Involving students in quality assurance
Quality assurance often focuses on issues such as employability, but students have a much more multi-layered appreciation of quality. Many do not know about the quality assurance initiatives undertaken by universities. They should be better engaged in the process, according to a recent project.
Long walk before freedom – Lessons from young Mandela
As a young South African, I have asked myself a somewhat odd question: Who was Nelson Mandela? I have been taught that he was the first black president of democratic South Africa, a martyr who was imprisoned for 27 years, a Nobel peace prize winner.
Access to higher education must be a global priority
Two student debates on access to higher education demonstrate the gulf between the corporate attitude to access and systems that promote greater social responsibility. The student movement is determined to fight for access through universal funding.
The student fightback against austerity has just begun
The European Students’ Union is spearheading a fight for higher education as a public good and against those who would reduce it to serving the labour market as well as policy-makers who cut funding when Europe needs education to rebuild.
Coercion will not aid student learning
Malaysia’s decision to extend an Islamic and Asian Civilisation Studies course that is compulsory in public universities to private universities is an attack on university and student autonomy and freedom.
Long walk before freedom – Lessons from young Mandela
As a young South African, I have asked myself a somewhat odd question: Who is Nelson Mandela? I have been taught that he was the first black president of democratic South Africa, a martyr who was imprisoned for 27 years, a Nobel peace prize winner.
Graduate employability and the social good
Debates about employability are sometimes manipulated to suggest that all higher education should be tied to economic needs. Education is a much wider social good and one in which all members of society have a stake.
Tuition fee hike out of touch with economic reality
Plans to raise tuition fees in Armenia up to 30% could have devastating consequences for Armenian society, as it would severely limit students’ chances of gaining access to higher education.
Confronting the cause of the protests in Turkey
The protests in Turkey are due to frustration with an authoritarian-style government, low levels of opposition and a desire among young people – in particular students – for a more open, more modern and younger politics.
Degree mobility + loans doesn’t work
Students have voted against the European Masters Degree Loan Guarantee Scheme, on the basis that loans are not the way forward and that they could result in students being hunted down for money owed.
Aliens in Canada – Diary of an international student
Adapting to studying in a different country presents many challenges, including overcoming language and cultural differences and being accepted by the local community. International students need to be viewed in ways that are mutually beneficial to them and the community.
Graduate unemployment – Whose fault is it?
Higher education has been blamed for graduating too many students without the skills necessary for the job market. But debate is needed about the causes of graduate unemployment, before starting on narrow university reforms.
Act now for social inclusion in higher education
The European Union’s Social Dimension is a key part of the Bologna process. But social integration is likely to suffer as a result of the financial crisis, so now is the time to push for more action on access to higher education.
European student numbers rise, but funding falls
A study of financing of students in Europe shows that, although student numbers are rising, funding is being cut and students are being asked to foot the bill. The effect on higher education access and quality is yet to be evaluated.