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Highly educated immigrants boost economy – Analysis
The inward migration of foreign experts, including university teachers and researchers, is good business for Denmark regardless if they are coming from India, China or Germany, according to a new analysis of Danish registry statistics – among the most complete in the world.
Funding hike for humanities, social sciences research
After years of concentrating research funding on science and technology, Singapore last week announced a major rise in funding for social science and humanities research worth SG$350 million (US$252 million) over the next five years – an increase of 45% compared to the Ministry of Education spending on research in these areas over the previous five years.
New law set to affect foreign university applications
As China last week passed a law banning some private for-profit schools that cater to middle-school children, there is some concern that this could affect the quality and preparedness of Chinese students applying to universities in Western countries, including the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Australia.
Tuition fees to be reintroduced for non-EU students
Tuition fees are to be reintroduced for international students in Germany’s south-western state of Baden-Württemberg. The state government says that it needs the money to cover costs.
China overtakes UAE as top host of branch campuses
The number of international branch campuses worldwide reached 249 by the end of 2015, a 26% increase since 2010; and China has overtaken the United Arab Emirates as the country hosting the highest number, according to a new report.
Terror groups attract university graduates – Study
When analysed by qualification, university graduates make up the largest proportion of local Tunisian terrorists, as ongoing youth unemployment makes them an easy target for extremist groups in the country.
Universities pay heavy price for offering free tuition
Twenty-nine Chilean universities offering free tuition for poor students for the first time this year have received US$46 million less in government payments for taking part in the scheme than they would have if they had charged their own tuition fees, according to a new report.
May fails to placate Modi on UK student visa rules
The thorny issue of Indian student visas to study at universities in Britain overshadowed talks at a meeting between Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May and her Indian counterpart Narendra Modi – an indication of how international student flows can have an impact on wider relations.
Minister moves to deter EU students who do not stay on
Forty-two per cent of foreign students from the European Union or European Economic Area who receive Danish student financing leave Denmark within the first two years after graduation. Minister of Higher Education and Science Ulla Tørnæs said not enough EU citizens who receive Danish student financing and a free education are staying on to work in Denmark and action is required.
Government to reform university rector elections
The Indonesian government has set up a team to reform the system for electing university rectors for the country’s public universities after claims surfaced at a number of universities in recent weeks of attempts to use bribery to alter the outcome of the often highly politicised campaigns.
Students need alternatives to protest action – Experts
The frequent closure of university campuses owing to student unrest over a range of issues is disrupting the learning process, discouraging the enrolment of future students and harming the reputation of students. Mechanisms for conflict resolution, tolerance and respect for student views are needed to achieve a long-term solution, say experts.
EUA calls for better balance in EU research funding
The European University Association or EUA has called on the European Commission to ensure that the next European Union Framework Programme, FP9, provides long-term policies and funding instruments for research that "support both basic and applied research, promote collaboration among different European regions and stimulate interdisciplinary research".
New bill to provide for sustainable research funding
A Tertiary Education Research Fund Bill has been prepared to provide for more sustainable funding of research to drive national growth and development.

Violent attacks shrink the space for higher education
Attacks on higher education communities are occurring at an alarming rate around the world, threatening the safety and well-being of scholars, students and staff, and closing down the space in which people are free to think, question and share ideas, according to a new report by Scholars at Risk.
State killings, arrests and travel bans on scholars
Thousands of students and hundreds of scholars remain in prison in Egypt, many for peacefully exercising their right to free expression, according to a new report on violent attacks on higher education communities from Scholars at Risk.
Decrees threaten university autonomy, sack 1,267 staff
The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has taken direct control of the appointment of university rectors and a further 1,267 academics have been dismissed, amid wider moves to clamp down on political opposition and dissent in the wake of the July coup attempt. The European University Association fears that the consequences for universities are "very dire".
Higher education minister and deputy accused of fraud
Zimbabwean police arrested Higher Education, Science and Technology Minister Jonathan Moyo and his deputy, Godfrey Gandawa, on Wednesday for allegedly misappropriating around US$450,000 from a manpower development fund that finances students, among other activities. The politicians were questioned and released.
University probed over ‘favours’ for president’s friend
University students and professors joined thousands of protestors in Seoul demanding the resignation of the country’s president, Park Geun-hye, over her connections with Choi Soon-sil, a confidante whom many suspect of having undue influence over the way the country is run despite having no official position. Allegations include that she used her influence to get her daughter admitted to Ewha Womans University.
President orders indefinite shutdown of top university
Makerere University, Uganda’s oldest and most prestigious higher education institution and one of the best in Africa, has been closed until further notice following a directive by Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.
Second African centres of excellence project launched
A second regional centres of excellence project, co-funded by the World Bank and aimed at providing sustainable solutions through science and technology in higher education across East and Southern Africa, was officially unveiled in Kenya’s capital Nairobi on 26 October.
Strong growth in philanthropic giving to universities
Philanthropy to universities in Australia and New Zealand is gathering momentum, according to a new survey, with significant rises in new funds secured and cash income received. The amount of new funds secured rose by 26% and cash income received rose by 25% in 2015 to record levels.
Academics resist ‘industrial takeover’ of university
Academics protested against attempts by Carola Lemne, director-general of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and head of the board of Uppsala University, to weaken their influence over the choice of rector – and the government appears to have listened to them.
Row over foreign student share of student housing
Claims that Norwegian students can’t get accommodation because all new student rooms are being allocated to international students has stoked a public row with universities. The rector of the University of Oslo has accused the broadcaster of misleading the public.
Older scientists offer untapped value, study says
Federal funding agencies have been eager to support younger researchers, reflecting a widespread belief that nurturing the next generation is critical to ensuring the long-term success of the nation’s scientific enterprise. A new analysis, challenging the orthodoxy, found that while a researcher’s productivity generally declines with age, creativity and impact do not.
US top, China rising in extended global ranking
United States universities again dominate the US News & World Report Rankings, claiming the five top spots for the first time and taking 210 places out of 1,000 research universities evaluated, expanded from 750 last year – from 65 countries.