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Academy of Sciences in revolt over political silence
More than 150 internal members and doctors of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences have signed an open letter voicing concern about the “anti-democratic processes” that have taken place in the country and demanding that the body investigate or initiate debate about them.
Non-European cooperation in Horizon 2020 in decline
The ambition for Horizon 2020 to raise international collaboration in its work programmes from 12% to 27% of the calls for proposals has not been reached and the share of non-European Union or European Economic Area partners in grant agreements for collaborative actions has halved in the first two years of the flagship European research programme.
Stricter controls on private institutions offering TNE
New measures to tighten up on the quality, financial viability and information provided by private higher education institutions in Singapore, including foreign branch campuses, that offer external degrees from foreign institutions – also known as transnational education or TNE – have been published by the Singapore government.
Academic exchange pilot to boost science and innovation
The Morocco-based Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation launched the pilot phase of the 'TAFAHUM' project to enhance quality by promoting collaboration between a number of Maghreb universities and the France-based Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie.
Zero tolerance to sexual violence required on campus
Universities should embed a zero-tolerance approach to sexual violence, harassment and hate crime, highlighting up-front the behaviours that are expected from all students, as well as ensuring staff understand the importance of fostering a zero-tolerance culture, according to a universities task force. But their report has been criticised for barely addressing staff-to-student harassment.
Universities open doors to business opportunities
In what seems to be a growing trend in Kenya, public universities are actively seeking investments in a range of sectors including manufacturing, real estate and agriculture. The latest is Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, which has announced plans to open an instant noodle-making factory in partnership with a Japanese firm.
African Virtual University to open more centres
The African Virtual University, in partnership with the African Development Bank, has launched phase two of its multinational project aimed at expanding its network of centres of open, distance and e-learning and which will see 27 facilities opened in 21 countries.
DFID project attempts to catalyse change in HE systems
A consortium has launched an open call for proposals for a bold initiative funded by the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development, or DFID, aimed at catalysing innovation and reform in higher education systems in developing countries, including fragile and conflict-affected states.
Minister in storm after overriding university autonomy
Thirty-five university rectors, including the rectors of the major universities – Lund, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Uppsala, Chalmers University of Technology and the Karolinska Institute – as well as the Swedish National Union of Students have criticised the government for a decision which sets aside the principle of autonomy for universities.
HE leaders urge voters to back global engagement
An alliance of United States higher education, foreign policy, peace-building and national security leaders last week published an open letter urging America’s next president to pursue policies and practices that it said will make the United States "a more welcoming and globally engaged country".
Could Trump really end political correctness on campus?
Speaking to college students in Columbus, Ohio, Donald J Trump told conservative watchers of higher education that political correctness has transformed universities into places of extreme censorship and pledged to end it. But could any president keep that promise?
Austrian refugee programme praised as a great help
Austria’s MORE initiative, offering refugees support at the country’s universities, has been given a positive appraisal by Iraqi student Basma al-Robai in an interview with the university magazine UniStandard.
IITs plan to lure top foreign academics and students
As part of a plan to internationalise the Indian Institutes of Technology or IITs, the country’s top institutions are stepping up efforts to attract top academics from overseas and have agreed a new programme to open up to foreign students, with the aim of luring an additional 10,000 students.
Deal breaks impasse on masters students' selection
Ministers have secured a landmark compromise agreement with university presidents, students’ organisations, and lecturers’ and researchers’ unions, to settle the thorny issue of selection of students for masters degree courses.
New targets set to expand internationalisation of HE
The Irish government has unveiled a new strategy on international education designed to help the country become recognised for developing global citizens through its internationalised education system and a market leader in attracting international student talent.
Rights fears over spread of cameras in lecture halls
The use of surveillance cameras in university classrooms is spreading in China, and although some university officials say they are only being used to monitor teaching quality, students are expressing concerns over lack of privacy, and lawyers say they could violate the constitutional rights of university teachers and fear their purpose is to enforce compliance with official ideology.
Outcry as ministry plans control of university boards
Opposition is mounting to the government’s attempts to take greater political control of universities, reportedly by allowing the minister of higher education and science to decide who should be chair of each university’s board.
Case for crackdown on student immigration unravels
The rationale behind the government’s plans to cut back international student numbers as a way to tackle immigration problems has been undermined by a government leak and a new poll showing that the vast majority of people do not want their numbers to be cut.
Government issues funding reassurance to EU students
Students applying for places at English universities for the academic year 2017-18 will still be eligible for loans and grants – as they are now – throughout their course even if the United Kingdom exits the European Union, the government has announced.
Criticism as Cairo University blocks religion disclosure
Cairo University, Egypt’s biggest public higher education institution, has removed the category of 'religion' from its documents to prevent discrimination, becoming the mostly-Muslim country’s first education institution to take the controversial step.
Donald Trump finally talks about higher education
Donald J Trump did something shocking last week, something he hasn’t done in the entirety of his unusual campaign for United States president: He talked with some substance about his plans for higher education and proposed simplifying income-based repayment plans for student loans.
Universities face funding pressure right across Europe
In at least 20 out of 24 European countries, funding for higher education has either been cut or has not kept pace with increases in student numbers, according to new data published by the 2016 Public Funding Observatory.
Students sue NYU over ‘subpar’ branch campus education
In a lawsuit that, if it is successful, could have major implications for the way United States universities teach degrees in overseas branch campuses, three former students of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts in Singapore are suing NYU, alleging its now defunct branch in Singapore failed to provide the quality of education they expected.
N Korean leader says university must be ‘world class’
North Korea’s top higher education institution, Kim Il-sung University in the capital Pyongyang, must advance to become a “world-class institution”, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has said in a letter to students, staff and professors of Pyongyang’s institution.
Ministry unveils new roadmap for university education
Algeria has unveiled a new roadmap for higher education and research in efforts to build a knowledge-based economy by raising educational standards, improving the employability of graduates and revitalising research.