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Government stakeholder forum fails to end student unrest
A multi-stakeholder forum at which the piloting of a fee-free funding model for students from poor and working-class families was announced has failed to bring an end to ongoing student unrest across the country’s campuses.
Photo Credit: Alon Skuy
Report calls for emphasis on inequalities research
A scarcity of funds for research and lack of academic freedom in universities across Sub-Saharan Africa are key drivers to low academic scholarship, including inequalities research, according to a joint report by UNESCO, the International Social Science Council and the University of Sussex.
Outrage as lawmaker calls for university virginity tests
A call by a member of the Egyptian parliament to subject female university applicants to virginity tests has outraged academics and women’s advocates in this conservative Middle East country.
Students protest over 8% tuition fees hike decision
Several universities in South Africa shut down or faced disruptions as student protests erupted in the wake of last Monday’s long-awaited recommendation by Higher Education and Training Minister Dr Blade Nzimande to allow universities to raise fees for 2017 by up to 8%.
Global clearinghouse for refugee student scholarships
A new global clearinghouse to identify scholarships and opportunities and connect refugee students with resources they can use anywhere in the world was announced at the Institute of International Education in New York on Thursday.
Virtual Institute for Higher Education in Africa reopens
In January 2017, the Virtual Institute for Higher Education in Africa will reopen its digital doors with a new set of free courses to help African university lecturers face the challenges they meet in their everyday work.
Universities respond to ‘ghost’ student ultimatum
Following the suspension of student loans and a week-long ultimatum, 15 universities in Tanzania have responded to a ministerial directive to pay back loans issued to them for thousands of ‘ghost’ students.
Photo: Abdul-Razaq Badru, head of the student loans board
Funding crisis puts university quality at risk – Report
Kenyan universities are facing a fresh financial crisis following revelations contained in a recent national audit that they are operating at a deficit of over US$100 million, with serious consequences for education quality.
Report highlights dire shortage of professors and PhDs
A crisis is looming in Kenyan universities over the shortage of professors, low numbers of qualified lecturers and low numbers of PhD students in both public and private universities, according to a recent report.
Law library torched, students arrested in fees protests
Academic activities at all five campuses of the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa have been suspended after two weeks of violent protest which saw the torching of one of the country’s finest law libraries on the Howard College campus in Durban.
Will the new African passport boost academic mobility?
The African Union has launched an African passport, signalling visa-free access to all 54 of the continent’s nations. But if this free passage is to benefit higher education and science, it must be accompanied by harmonised qualifications, bureaucratic efficiency and infrastructure to support academic mobility.
Student loans halted as probe finds over 2,000 'ghosts'
Tanzania has suspended student loans amounting to TZS3.2 billion (US$1.5 million) affecting over 2,000 students, some of whom are believed to be non-existent as they failed to show up during a verification exercise.
Fees fiasco threatens future of top African universities
South Africa’s battle over tuition fees is far from over, generating instability across the sector and simmering student protests. Last week the government revealed that 16 out of 26 public institutions – including Africa’s top universities – could face financial distress if fees do not rise, and could have a nearly R4 billion (US$279 million) funding shortfall for 2017-18.
Jobless graduates in gowns protest broken promises
Unemployed graduates in Zimbabwe have held protests while wearing graduation gowns, calling on President Robert Mugabe to create the jobs he promised in his election manifesto, as a wave of demonstrations rocked the country.
Looming crisis over university student fee hike plan
Kenya’s university students are facing a defining moment following a stand-off between the government and university administrators over a plan to raise tuition fees from next year.
Call for ‘national consensus’ to grow student housing
South African students, universities and colleges as well as banks and investors have been urged to assist in the search for “smarter solutions” to an ongoing, chronic shortage of student accommodation.
East Africa credit transfers to come on line next year
Ministers of education have agreed on a draft declaration for implementation of a harmonised higher education system for the East African Community. From next year students will be able to transfer credits to higher education institutions in five partner states.
Moves to halt irregular professorial appointments
The Association of Vice-Chancellors of Nigerian Universities has proposed reforms to deal with the increasing number of individuals being promoted to professorships without apparently following due process.
Six Islamists suspended amid crackdown on academics
Egypt’s main state-run Cairo University has suspended – for alleged corruption – six professors linked to the now-outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, as a crackdown on Islamist academics persists.
US$20 million for university’s Confucius centre upgrade
The government of China is investing a massive US$20 million in the University of Nairobi’s Confucius Institute, one of the big education projects by the Chinese in Africa.
Mixed reaction to scrapping of university admission test
While some have welcomed it, many academics, business representatives and civil society groups in Nigeria have rejected Federal Minister of Education Mallam Adamu Adamu’s recent scrapping of the post-Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination admissions system.
French give US$30 million credit for university growth
The French Development Agency has given a US$30 million concessional credit line to commercial banks in Kenya to finance new and ongoing university infrastructure investment initiatives in strategic faculties.
Drastic measures needed to rebuild higher education
Poor investment, weak capacity and security, as well as political instability and onerous bureaucracy in war-torn Libya have produced a higher education system characterised by inadequate infrastructure and graduates poorly prepared for jobs, according to a new report.
24 centres of excellence for East and Southern Africa
The World Bank Group’s board of executive directors has approved a US$140 million credit for eight Eastern and Southern African countries to set up 24 centres of excellence in universities to strengthen postgraduate training and research in priority sectors.
Pilot study fills data gaps for regional STEM project
Benchmarking as a tool for improving quality in African universities was the focus of the first regional benchmarking and capacity building workshop organised by the Partnership for Skills in Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology – PASET – and held in Abuja, Nigeria last week.