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Anger over university's efforts to control road use
A law that allows the authorities of the University of Ghana to prevent people who are not members of the institution from entering its premises has come under attack on several fronts, after a booth was erected at the main entrance to control road use.
Student protests in Burundi and Cote d'Ivoire
Student unrest has broken out in Burundi, where students went on strike over reform of their grant system. And in Cote d'Ivoire, students have been protesting over lack of housing - 18 months after universities reopened after two years of closure.
German support boosts academic staff qualifications
Nearly 100 staff at the University of Dar es Salaam have benefited from a German government-supported initiative to assist staff to obtain postgraduate degrees, as the institution pushes to improve the qualifications of its academics.
Union protests World Bank claim they are paid too much
Senegal's higher education union SAES has written a letter of protest to the president of the World Bank, Jim Yong Kim, after the bank's country director claimed salaries of Senegalese lecturers were five times higher than those of academics in the United States, and called for them to be reduced.
Animal groups demand end to macaque experiment exports
Two animal rights and anti-vivisection organisations, the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection and Animal Defenders International, have called on the Mauritius government to halt the export of macaque monkeys to laboratories abroad for experimentation.
Human rights abuses precipitate university closures
Public universities in Benin were recently closed in protest against human rights abuses and corruption. The country's three academic unions joined an indefinite strike by civil servants that paralysed the public sector from late last year.
New private university launches alumni association
An alumni association has been launched by Botswana's newest private university, with the aim of linking its staff and students to the country's well-do-to resource-based economy.
First private college set for university status
A middle-level private college is set to make history in Kenya later this year when it transforms into a university – a first for a private college in the East African country.
Five new high profile research chairs awarded
The University of the Witwatersrand will from this year host five new chairs in the areas of migration, diversity and health under the prestigious South African Research Chairs Initiative.
Unhappiness over lack of qualifications' recognition
This year James Ngugi, a primary school teacher, should have begun enjoying the fruits of his ‘labour’ and recouping some of the money spent studying for a diploma in early childhood development, a popular course for teachers keen on improving their lot.
Government spends US$38 million on research facilities
Tanzania’s government has spent Sh61.2 billion (US$38 million) on rehabilitating agricultural research institutions and on the Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology. The aim is to increase higher education and research capacity so that the country can become self-sufficient in scientific expertise.
Kenya set to build Pan African University facility
Kenya is set to begin construction of the facility that will house the East Africa satellite campus of the Pan African University – the higher education flagship project of the African Union – at the host Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.
Construction of military university to begin soon
Zambia is to start constructing a military university by the end of this year, as the country prioritises defence and security studies. The decision follows the establishment of a military university in September last year by neighbouring Zimbabwe.
Final grant for RISE postgraduate training initiative
The Regional Initiative in Science and Education, RISE – a major project aimed at boosting higher education in Africa in sciences and engineering through postgraduate training in university-based networks – has been granted US$5 million for three years from its major donor.
University responds to gas deposit find with courses
The Dar es Salaam campus of Tanzania’s Mzumbe University, in collaboration with Stellenbosch University in South Africa, is preparing masters degrees in managing huge projects in mining, gas and oil. Tanzania is exploring gas deposits found recently, and has sent students to Brazil for oil- and gas-related studies.
Public and private university students to access loans
Malawi has crafted a Higher Education Students' Loan Bill that will benefit students attending both public and accredited private universities. Previously, only students at state-run universities could access loans.
Catholic medical students protest against high fees
Medical students at the Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences in Mwanza, Tanzania, have protested against the low funding they receive from the government, saying it is far less than the charges the university imposes. This is a widespread problem for students at private institutions.
Initiative to boost research on climate change
A United Kingdom-funded £4.85 million (US$7.9 billion) programme on researching impacts of climate change in Sub-Saharan Africa was launched recently, aimed at boosting African research capacity and the number of climate change papers published by Africans in international journals.
Algeria, South Africa to set up bio-research centre
Algeria and South Africa have agreed to set up a regional research centre for biotechnology, in an effort to boost research and skills training in this field in their and other African countries.
Lecturers take ministry to top court in test case
Zimbabwean lecturers are to initiate a test case in the Constitutional Court, established six months ago to protect academic, labour and other rights. Their decision to act came after the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology defied court orders to reverse its decision to suspend, fine or transfer 31 lecturers following a strike.
Economic development plan has a higher education focus
Egypt has launched a development plan, Egypt 2022, which stresses the importance of higher education in sustainable, knowledge-based economic development.
Government bows to pressure to award student loans
The government of Tanzania has bowed to pressure from a group of prospective university students who called on the Higher Education Students’ Loan Board to provide them with funding for the new academic year after many qualifying students missed receiving loans.
Top Namibian scientist lands global geoscience post
The University of Namibia’s Professor Benjamin Mapani has been appointed the first African to chair the influential Commission on Geoscience for Environmental Management of the International Union of Geological Sciences.
Police University to enrol first students next year
A new university that aims to add depth to the abilities, professionalism and intellectual capacity of the South African Police Service will open next year in Paarl near Cape Town.
University students may delay mandatory youth service
School-leavers in Tanzania will be able to enrol in higher education before attending mandatory National Youth Service training – but only after writing to the military for permission to postpone – the government has said.