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Africa Briefs
Students help devise first masters course in food security
Heads of a laboratory researching food biochemistry and related fields have proposed introducing a masters programme on food security and biotechnology, which does not currently exist in the country.
African Virtual University launches centre in Cameroon
The African Virtual University has launched an open and distance e-learning centre at the University of Douala in Cameroon, the latest in a series of nearly 30 centres being established in 21 countries to provide students across Africa with greater access to quality higher education.
New Dakar university on schedule for 2018
The first phase of the new Université Amadou Mahtar Mbow in Dakar – which is aimed at easing congestion in the Senegalese capital’s other existing public institution – is due for completion in October 2017, according to Baba Bâ, director of maintenance, construction and equipment in the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.
Private HE must promote itself better – Institute head
Private higher education institutions must promote their system and expertise better, as Senegal’s government needs the private sector to enrol more than 20,000 students and to attract students from abroad, says Mamadou Diop, president of the Higher Institute of Entrepreneurship and Management or Institut Supérieur d’Entrepreneurship et de Gestion.
Bilateral agreement signed on HE and research
Algeria and the Kingdom of Lesotho have signed a memorandum of understanding to strengthen their bilateral cooperation in higher education and scientific research.
Students demand action to solve university problems
The students’ Union Générale des Étudiants Libres has called on the authorities to open a dialogue to find "realistic" solutions to students’ problems commonly encountered at most universities.
Police and students clash at Buea University
Police clashed with students at the University of Buea during a student demonstration protesting about unpaid bonuses and against penalties imposed for late payment of fees.
Students clash with police at two universities
Students in Niger have clashed with police at two universities in protests against national teacher strikes and the late payment of grants.
Minister orders fees freeze after student protests
Following two student demonstrations in Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Minister for Higher and University Education Théophile Mbemba has ordered universities not to increase fees or other charges this academic year.
Blog urges minister to order respect for academic year
A blogger has called on the education minister in Burundi to restructure the higher education system and require universities to respect the academic calendar.
Minister calls for political neutrality in universities
Minister for Higher and University Education, Théophile Mbemba, has called on universities to respect the principle of political neutrality.
New cooperation projects with Cuba and Mauritania
Algeria and Cuba have signed eight conventions on health and higher education, covering areas including development of vaccines, animal experimentation and technology transfer. Meanwhile, Algeria and Mauritania are planning to cooperate in programmes in the fields of oceanography and aquaculture.
Student protests spread against abolition of grants
Student protests that have been taking place for several weeks against the abolition of grants have spread from the capital N’Djamena to the provinces.
New American Campus to offer ‘global’ higher education
An American Campus is to open in Ebène, a ‘cybercity hub’ 15 kilometres south of the capital Port Louis, giving Mauritians the opportunity to follow American courses without having to move to the United States.
Plan to open universities to their ‘surroundings’
As more than 1.6 million students prepared to start the new academic year in Algeria, Higher Education and Scientific Research Minister Tahar Hadjar announced a development plan to open universities to their surroundings.
Lecturers hold second strike to claim pay arrears
Lecturer-researchers from Niger’s public universities were last week due to carry out a seven-day strike – the second this month – over salary and research allowance payments that they claim are in arrears.
Researchers urged to improve efforts in projects for prize
The higher education and scientific research minister was not impressed by the quality of research presented by candidates for the government’s annual Research Prize of 2015.
New research plans respond to nation’s needs
Four major plans have been launched for the development of research to respond to the nation’s socio-economic needs in the sectors of renewable energy; agriculture and food and nutrition security; human health in relation to biodiversity; and environment and climate change.
Students warned to avoid unauthorised institutions
The Higher Education and Research Minister has warned new students to make sure they enrol in higher education institutions that are authorised and accredited by the state.
Preparations for a smooth start to new academic year
Algeria’s Higher Education and Scientific Research Minister Tahar Hadjar said his ministry had brought together “all necessary human and material resources” to ensure the enrolment process for new students would run smoothly. Meanwhile, the University of Ouargla has announced 156 new doctoral positions across a range of fields in the new academic year.
Partnership to strengthen regional research, education
A partnership agreement to strengthen research and education has been signed between the regional council of Rabat-Salé-Kénitra, Morocco’s higher education and research ministry and three Rabat universities.
Two new university institutes will relieve pressure
Two new university institutes in Algeria, one specialising in social sciences and the other in sports activities, will be completed in Ghardaïa before the end of October. They will improve higher education conditions and relieve pressure on lecture halls.
Thirteen students injured in fight over tree
A fight over a tree between students from two higher education institutions that share premises resulted in 13 serious casualties in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Access to social networks blocked to avert exam fraud
Ethiopia’s government has blocked access to social networks throughout the country, an unprecedented measure it has justified by the need to prevent fraud during the period of university exams. But internet users have suggested the government is experimenting with new software filters to cut off political protesters.
Police officer sentenced to 20 years for murder of student
A police officer has been found guilty of the murder of student Bassirou Faye, who was shot during clashes between police and students at the Université Cheikh Anta Diop, the country’s leading university, in August 2014.