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Prime minister urges rapid building of Islamic campus
Tunisian Prime Minister Mehdi Jomâa has called for the construction of a new campus for Zitouna University to be speeded up, to allow for the education of an elite in Islamic civilisation.
Leaks lead to baccalauréat chaos and cancellations
Chaos due to widespread leaks has hit this year’s session of the baccalauréat, the end-of-school examination that gives those who pass it the right to higher education and is often regarded as the first university diploma.
Academics condemn violence after lecturer’s murder
The murder of university teacher Bachir Sarhane Karaoui has led to calls from academics for universities to be protected and for the government to restore stability.
Academic calls for more vision in research agenda
Funding is not the only requirement for a good national research programme, according to a University of Mauritius academic.
Students hit by suspension of ‘sub-standard’ universities
Thousands of students have been hit by the total or partial closure since March of 10 private universities which failed to meet satisfactory standards of teaching.
Students plan protest – This time over police ‘barbarity’
Students were last week planning a silent march, after police violently broke up a previous demonstration against university authorities’ refusal to meet students' demands for increased grants and permission to study in lecture halls outside course times, curtailment of Wi-Fi and bad living conditions, among other grievances.
Burkinabè students raise problems with visiting president
Students from Burkina Faso studying in Egypt took the opportunity to complain about their conditions to their president who was on a goodwill trip.
Older students benefit from University of the Third Age
Université du Troisième Âge – the University of the Third Age – of Mauritius was opened four years ago and today has about 500 students, all over 55 years old, studying more than 25 courses.
Private universities suspend work after state delays
Some private universities have suspended their operations, complaining of government delays in payment of student grants and in signing contracts for teaching bachelor-equivalent courses.
Delays in president’s laptops-for-students project
As the end of the university year approaches, a controversial promise by President Paul Biya more than a year ago to give students 500,000 Chinese laptops has failed to materialise.
Meeting shares engineering research, training challenges
Experts met in Dakar, Senegal, recently to discuss problems linked to engineering research and the training of engineers in five African countries.
Work placements to increase HE ‘professionalisation’
The higher education ministry has introduced a new system of university work placements to increase the ‘professionalisation’ of higher education through a partnership with businesses to improve the provision of work experience in university courses.
Rapid progress on higher education reform – Minister
The 10-year reform of higher education and research announced in 2014 was already nearly fully implemented, and half the government’s decisions had been completed after only three years, according to the Higher Education and Research Minister Mary Teuw Niane.
Students give up strike over change of grants to loans
Under the repressive regime of President Pierre Nkurunziza, students have ended a month-long strike against a presidential decree changing the system of university grants into one of loans.
French research into African education is ‘invisible’
In spite of interest in the field, French research into education in African and other developing countries is badly structured and poorly supported, making its findings virtually invisible, a study reveals.
Protesting student killed during police confrontation
The funeral took place last week of a student who died during student protests which had led to confrontations with police at Abdou Moumouni University in Niamey. The university was closed for five days, and more than 80 students were charged with taking part in an illegal demonstration and other offences, but were acquitted.
Academy for marine sciences due to open
An academy of halieutic and marine sciences is due to open this year in Moçâmedes, initially with places for 540 students who will follow a variety of courses, the State Secretary for Fisheries, Antónia Nelumba, has announced.
Private higher education institutions set up association
Promoters of private higher education institutions in Cameroon have set up an association to support and represent the sector.
Students protest over switch from study grants to loans
Two students were arrested in protests against government measures to change study grants into loans.
Joint research projects to monitor Lake Kivu
Research organisations from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda are collaborating to intensify scientific research on Lake Kivu, thanks to funding of €1.3 million (US$1.4 million) from the government of the Netherlands.
Online training course launched for business managers
An online distance programme to train managers for small and medium businesses and industries has been officially launched in Dakar, Senegal, under a partnership between Centre Africain d’Etudes Supérieures en Gestion – the African Centre for Higher Studies in Management – and the Total Group.
Scientific index to ‘decolonise’ research in Africa
An African index of scientific references and publications is being planned on the initiative of the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa.
Universities urged to adopt ‘hard work' culture
Vice-president Manuel Domingos Vicente has called for Angola’s higher education institutions to adopt a culture of hard work to encourage growth, innovation, modernisation and competitiveness.
Programme launched to perfect students’ English
The Congo-Brazzaville Fulbright Alumni Association and the United States embassy in the Republic of Congo have launched the English Access Microscholarship Program, to perfect secondary school students’ spoken and written English.
National federation to help students with problems
Student unions at three universities are joining forces to offer help to all students in Mauritius who are experiencing ‘problems’.