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Special Report
UKZN 11th Annual Higher Education Conference
The University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa hosted the 11th Annual Higher Education Conference from 27-29 September in Durban under the theme “Crises, Contestations, Contemplations and Futures”, expanding its focus this year to include discussions on matters such as governance and leadership in higher education, and possible funding models.
HE conference agenda reflects sector’s topical issues
The issue of academic decolonisation was a strong feature of the 11th annual University of KwaZulu-Natal Higher Education Teaching and Learning Conference held in Durban in late September.
‘Free higher education requires funds and political will’
The concept of #FeesMustFall and the notion that South African higher education should be provided without cost to students has substantial merit in the current environment, but also calls on the government to institute a clear funding model backed by the political will to implement it.
A controversial call for decolonisation of maths
Formal metaphysical mathematics of the kind currently taught in schools and universities can and should be decolonised and uncoupled from its Western roots, and doing so would make it easier to teach and learn.