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Special Report
GUNi Report
The Global University Network for Innovation or GUNi's sixth Higher Education in the World report, entitled Towards a Socially Responsible University: Balancing the global with the local, deals with the dual responsibilities of universities at local and global scale. Some of the contributions to the report are republished in edited form in this special report.
Can universities be locally and globally engaged?
Lead editor of the Global University Network for Innovation's sixth Higher Education in the World report, Towards a Socially Responsible University: Balancing the global with the local, Francesc Xavier Grau, talks to University World News about the pressures mitigating against universities striving to be both locally competitive and globally responsible.
Universities and civic engagement on a global scale
How can universities link up globally to support civil society and learn from institutions in places of repression or conflict? Harnessing the strengths and guarding against the weaknesses of the digital revolution and spontaneous popular movements might be a good place to start.
Is the brain drain always negative?
The brain drain is traditionally viewed as negative, but there can be positive effects if sending countries invest in diaspora initiatives, including collaborative arrangements between academics established in the North and universities in their home country.
For universities all global challenges are local
Curriculum change in higher education is an extremely complex process. In the search for excellence, engagement and social responsibility there is no contradiction between universities responding to local calls for action and global matters.
Redesigning the curriculum for the 21st century
In the face of debilitating cuts and new waves of student activism, universities around the world face scrutiny of their role in addressing the critical challenges facing the world. The curriculum needs to be transformed to address global challenges such as deepening socio-economic inequality.