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Special Report
Centre for Global Higher Education Conference
The Centre for Global Higher Education or CGHE, based at the UCL Institute of Education in the United Kingdom, held its annual conference in London on 1 March on the theme “Higher Education: Changing global relations”, which explored the drivers and effects of changing global relations in higher education. University World News reports.
Higher education – The key to greater freedom
Massification of higher education has made it more politically vulnerable, but because higher education is transformative and gives people greater freedom to change and manage complexity and mobility, it can also cut the ground from under the alt-right – as long as it is equitable and focused on the public good rather than just private gain.
UK university-industry links at risk from Brexit
Large United Kingdom research-intensive universities are most at risk of having their collaborative links with industry damaged by Brexit, according to a new report from three experts from Leiden University in the Netherlands, presented at the Centre for Global Higher Education's annual conference in London.
Is higher education for the public good?
The protests around #RhodesMustFall and #FeesMustFall go to the heart of what universities should be about. How we maintain any sense of legitimacy for public higher education in the face of such radical social changes is the urgent challenge.
UK research coordinating role hit by Brexit fears
Continental universities are becoming wary of involving United Kingdom institutions in new bids and proposals for collaborative research programmes funded by the European Commission for fear that their chances of success will be damaged by Brexit, a conference on the future of European and UK higher education was told last week.