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Special Report
Special Report: CHEA 2017
America's Council for Higher Education Accreditation, or CHEA, held its 2017 annual conference in Washington DC last week, on the theme "Quality Assurance and Accreditation: Moving into the future", followed by a meeting of CHEA's International Quality Group. University World News was there.
Changing world challenges higher education, accreditation
The shifting terrain of higher education worldwide is challenging quality assurance and accreditation professionals to examine how they can adjust or transform traditional practices and policies while also preserving core academic values.
Universities feel early impacts of Trump era uncertainty
United States President Donald Trump, whose first two weeks in office were as unprecedented as his once-unfathomable ascendancy to the nation's highest office, appears eager to maintain a frenetic pace, political analysts told an international gathering of higher education quality assurance and accreditation experts in Washington.
Collective effort needed to combat academic corruption
A panel presentation on how the global academic community can combat academic corruption in higher education provoked a lively discussion highlighting the widespread and wide-ranging scope of the problem, the diversity of responses and a growing sense that the issue belongs high on the agenda for policy-makers in international education.
Quality assurance, higher education and the SDGs
Noting that higher education lies at the core of many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, the chief of UNESCO's higher education division last week outlined for quality assurance professionals the role they can play in contributing to the success of the initiative.