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Special Report
Trump’s travel ban orders will harm US higher education
The ban on entry into the United States by citizens from seven predominantly Muslim countries, signed by US President Donald Trump, is likely to have a much wider impact on recruitment of international students. Other moves thought to be in the pipeline could dramatically reduce international student numbers.
Academic leaders denounce travel ban as rash and cruel
Higher education leaders and academics across the United States have denounced President Donald Trump’s travel ban as divisive, detrimental and “un-American”. The Scholars at Risk Network told University World News that for scholars facing death threats or imprisonment back home the executive order was like a torpedo hitting a lifeboat.
Global outcry and call to boycott US conferences
University associations and leaders worldwide have condemned President Donald Trump’s travel ban for posing a threat to international collaboration in higher education and the free flow of ideas. Meanwhile, thousands of academics across the world are calling for a boycott of international conferences in the United States in protest.
Trumpism and universities – Advantage China?
Increasing conflict between the United States and China could be to Chinese universities’ advantage if China continues to invest heavily in teaching and research, cedes more autonomy to universities and deepens internationalisation. It is also an opportunity for institutions in both countries to temper political tensions with rational communication.
Travel ban could signal the start of brain drain
President Donald Trump's travel ban could see students opting not to study in the United States, and US students choosing to study abroad. The winners will be research universities in China, Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia, Singapore and Mexico and a shift in power and influence will be inevitable.
The travel ban hits Iranian professors, students hard
As reports of the impact of the Trump administration’s travel restrictions emerge, one population in higher education seems disproportionately affected – Iranian academics and students.
US travel ban – No winners in academia
United States President Donald Trump’s travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries, including the three African nations of Libya, Somalia and Sudan, is a blow not only for African students and academics, but for the US itself, according to North African and Middle East academics.