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Special Report
HEFAALA Symposium
The newly launched Higher Education Forum for Africa, Asia and Latin America – HEFAALA – held its first international symposium in Durban, South Africa, from 19-20 August under the theme “Continental realities, international imperatives”. University World News was there.
Higher education forum for the global South launched
In a promising moment for cross-continental tertiary learning, 20 August saw the Higher Education Forum for Africa, Asia and Latin America officially launched in Durban on South Africa’s east coast before 60 delegates from 18 nations.
South catching up with North as student destination
While international student mobility continues to flow North, emerging countries in the global South are fast becoming major players, says Professor Hans de Wit, director of the Center for International Higher Education at Boston College in the United States. It will not be long before China bypasses top student destination nations like Australia and the United Kingdom.
Leaders discuss 'thorny' issue of government influence
Politics has the ability to play out in higher education, albeit in differing degrees, regardless of the country and the will of individual universities.
Paths to partnerships, mobility and brain circulation
Understanding that strong academics are key to improving the quality and relevance of higher education, in 2002 Pakistan embarked on a massive faculty development initiative that awarded over 10,000 international and even more local scholarships. The project has been a global success story in both boosting and internationalising the country’s academic core.
Push for more women in higher education
African universities must work cohesively to build the continent’s human capital, specifically in mathematics, science, physics and health sciences, while also realising that more women must be included in higher education.
Countries share common higher education challenges
Regardless of geographical distances, political agendas and student bodies, countries in Africa faced similar challenges in respect of massification, quality, funding, leadership and internationalisation of higher education.