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Special Report
The Association of Commonwealth Universities held its Conference of University Leaders 2016 in Ghana’s capital Accra from 27-29 July, under the theme “Defining the responsible university: Society, impact and growth". University World News was there, along with 250 university leaders, academics, officials and students from across the world.
Inequality, intolerance threaten universities – Annan
Former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan called on universities around the world to promote democracy as growing inequality and intolerance threaten higher education globally, at this year’s Association of Commonwealth Universities leaders’ conference held in Ghana.
Higher education must empower women and men – ACU panel
Higher education has a leading role to play in championing the kind of gender equality that empowers both women and men, according to high-level participants in a ministerial panel held on the final day of the Association of Commonwealth Universities 2016 conference.
Role of ‘entrepreneurship university’ in society
Venture creation programmes are still somewhat novel in higher education. Relatively few universities offer real-world entrepreneurial degrees and their implementation is often complicated by a lack of funding and faculty motivation.
Countering campus extremism – A role for religions
The role of religious faith in combating extremism on university campuses was a central focus of two sessions at the Association of Commonwealth Universities conference, as participants reflected on the effects and implications of multiple terror attacks in 2015.
Universities grapple with injustices and reparations
Historical injustice and reparations came under the spotlight at the recent Association of Commonwealth Universities conference, with calls made for greater support for student demands in South Africa and a ‘Marshall Plan’ to uplift the Caribbean region.
The rise of social responsibility in higher education
Corporate social responsibility has been a fixture in the business world for decades, and has become embedded in many universities as higher education leaders seek alternative ways to achieve sustainability.
Higher education – Opportunities and barriers
A major topic tackled at the recent Association of Commonwealth Universities conference was opportunities and barriers in African higher education. Access for more of the continent’s fast-growing young population turned out to be both an opportunity and a challenge, while low funding was identified as the major obstacle.
Profound impacts of Ebola on higher education linger
The government of Sierra Leone has promised to provide more scholarships to students in higher education institutions to help cushion the effects of the Ebola disease, which led to an increase in fees, said former vice-chancellor of the University of Sierra Leone, Jonas Redwood-Sawyerr.