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Special Report
Transformative Leadership
This week's supplement on Transformative Leadership, in which University World News is partnering with The MasterCard Foundation, focuses on the development of internationalisation in higher education and how it can enrich the curriculum, encourage the emergence of new leaders, and help transform the economy.
International-isation: A driver of change
Internationalisation is bringing new dynamics to student life but can also drive institutional transformation and help develop a new generation of African leaders, but it needs strong leadership and commitment from the top.
Partnership to transform agricultural education
A ground-breaking partnership between the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture and The MasterCard Foundation is aiming to strengthen efforts to revamp the agriculture curriculum across Africa and transform agriculture into a vibrant sector linked to African universities that can produce high-performing graduates and high-quality research.
The transformative benefits of internationalisation
Internationalisation is still in the early stages in Latin American institutions, despite foreign education companies having an increasing presence there, particularly in the field of distance learning. A wider debate is needed to encourage initiatives to prepare graduates and academics for working in an internationalised world.
Transforming higher education through regionalisation
Political changes in developed countries could spur regionalisation in Asia and transform mobility patterns and China may gradually become the centre of a regional drive to deepen cooperation in higher education.
GIX: the next step in China’s HE internationalisation
The Global Innovation Exchange or GIX, China’s first offshore campus in the United States – a joint venture between the University of Washington and Tsinghua University – is a ground-breaking development in its internationalisation policy and its endeavours to establish education excellence hubs.
Challenges of internationalising higher education
Internationalisation has become a major driver of change in Russia’s universities and leads their pursuit of global recognition. But challenges remain as to how Russia benefits from what international faculty and students have to offer.